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Jewel does Jewel at karaoke

Jul 13, 2010
in heavy disguise. How will she go over? Undercover Karaoke with Jewel - watch more funny videos
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Site for gay teens may have to give over personal information of users

Jul 13, 2010, an online magazine that targeted young gay men between the ages of 13-17, stopped publishing in 2007. It filed for bankruptcy and its...

Apple's perfect image, broken?

Jul 13, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Steve Henn about the iPhone 4 debacle -- the company's PR failures and what it means for the future of Apple.

Clothes that can hear

Jul 13, 2010
And make noise and sense light. Why do these stories always happen at MIT?
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Having missed the mobile boat, Microsoft name losing luster

Jul 13, 2010
Once technological juggernaut Microsoft could strike fear into the hearts of regulators when it announced a new venture. But being behind in the mobile industry, it's having trouble garnering the same reaction.
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Like lots of people, Google shells out money for Farmville

Jul 13, 2010
Google may be taking a step toward a more aggressive push into social media with a new gaming site.

Closing the Doors

Jul 12, 2010
This essay was written by Dan Vhay, a friend of mine and college classmate from long ago. He got laid off from his job at Hollywood Video in May...
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Don't buy the iPhone 4, says Consumer Reports

Jul 12, 2010
Consumer Reports has reviewed the iPhone 4 and the news isn't good for Apple:...
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Foxconn: riddled with controversy, swimming in cash

Jul 12, 2010
The Chinese electronics manufacturer has been in the news a lot in recent: a rash of worker suicides, a wage increase to attract workers in a time...
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Now everyone can build Android apps

Jul 12, 2010
Google rolls out a free software program called Google App Inventor for Android today that lets anyone create apps for the Android platform. It...
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