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Clay Shirky and Cognitive Surplus

Jun 11, 2010
Technology has made people more mentally active in their down time. Clay Shirky details the shift in his new book.

Google, Apple in another spat over data

Jun 10, 2010
Google is lashing out at Apple over some rules changes for application developers. The new terms could keep Google and other Apple rivals from placing ads inside iPhone and iPad applications. The search giant calls Apple's proposed rules a threat to healthy competition. Janet Babin reports.
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Jun 10, 2010
Zynga, creators of the insanely popular game Farmville, have rolled out a new way for you to throw your life away and just in time for summer when...
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Google's home page is all funny looking.

Jun 10, 2010
As promised,, the big page, the heart of the whole operation, looks different today. The company announced this a while ago. Instead of...
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Federal regulators to investigate Apple's iAd

Jun 10, 2010
Apple's iAd, its new mobile advertising format, has caught the eye of federal regulators.

Does voice recognition know what you're talking about?

Jun 10, 2010
On today's show we talk about new technology that lets you and your car have a conversation. Well, maybe not a conversation, per se, more just...
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They want to stick an internet in your car

Jun 10, 2010
Automobiles are about to get more technologically advanced.

Tweets of Old

Jun 9, 2010
We spoke to the proprietor of the Twitter feed @TweetsOfOld on today's show. It's an odd, hilarious, and strangely touching trip back through...
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Google gets Caffeine

Jun 9, 2010
It's not being rolled out with the same fanfare as the notorious Wave or Buzz, but Google's new Caffeine indexing technology, which is live right...
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Twitter introduces their own url shortener

Jun 9, 2010
You only have 140 characters to use in a tweet and you don't want to blow that on a lengthy url of some site you want to tell people about. So a...
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