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Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4s

Jun 28, 2010
That's a lot of iPhones. Preorders made for about 600,000 of those so 1.1 million were new sales over the weekend, so people either buying online...
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Flying car getting closer

Jun 28, 2010
The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a weight restriction exemption to flying car manufacturer Terrafugia that could pave the way to...
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Online life after death

Jun 28, 2010
A web service provides you the option of allowing others to know what you want to happen to your digital self after you die.

Oscar the bionic cat

Jun 25, 2010
Of course we're charmed by Oscar. More on him here. *
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Facebook takes on search. A way bigger story than you might realize.

Jun 25, 2010
The seemingly innocuous Like button recently spread from Facebook to sites all over the web as part of Facebook's Open Graph program. You read...
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Foxconn to outsource dormitories

Jun 25, 2010
This NYT article puts the number of workers in Shenzhen at 420,000, the highest number I've heard so far....
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Android can kill remotely

Jun 25, 2010
Kill apps that is. The app store for the Android mobile platform identified two apps that it says violated the store's terms of services. They were...
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Finally! There MAY be sex on the internet

Jun 25, 2010
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has given initial approval of a new domain name for pornography sites - .xxx.  This doesn...
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Just avoid holding it that way.

Jun 25, 2010
So the new iPhone shows up in stores, people buy it by the zillions, we know this. But as we reported yesterday, there's a bit of a problem when...
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Who is this Mark Zuckerberg anyway?

Jun 25, 2010
David Kirkpatrick's new book looks more in depth into the life of the founder of Facebook.