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Toasted skin syndrome for laptop users

Oct 4, 2010
Today, in the journal Pediatrics, Swiss researchers reported the case of a 12-year old boy whose skin started showing a sponge pattern on his legs...
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Steven Johnson on where ideas come from

Oct 4, 2010
Just interviewed Mr. Johnson for tomorrow's show (his new book comes out tomorrow as well). Here's a fun illustrated version of his book's central...
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The 3D revolution is here and you can watch it without goggles in Japan if you keep your head still.

Oct 4, 2010
Look for a new Bon Jovi video - shot in 3D - coming soon. And, it's not just the boys from New Jersey. Sony says 3D is hitting the music industry...
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Window 7 Phone to launch 10/11 with either T-Mobile or AT&T or both

Oct 4, 2010
Finally we have an official launch date for the Windows 7 Phone, Microsoft's long-awaited and arguably incredibly tardy entry into the smart phone...

Facebook movie #1 at box office

Oct 4, 2010
It brought in 23 million. The conversation around the movie in tech circles has been kind of interesting. It was reported that Mark Zuckerberg had...
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US Senate brings real change to America: sets volume limits on TV commercials

Oct 1, 2010
In a bill that makes total sense yet for some reason took decades to even come to a vote, the Senate passed a bill that will require television...
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Obscenely wealthy person slightly less obscenely wealthy than he theoretically could have been

Oct 1, 2010
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer received only half of his potential bonus, a mere $670,000 (insult!) from the Microsoft board of directors after his...
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Trans-Atlantic cables for even higher frequency trading

Oct 1, 2010
Because milliseconds matter in the world of high-frequency trading, the new cables being laid between New Jersey and London will take cable speed from 65 milliseconds to below 60 milliseconds.
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Twitter + photography = art

Sep 30, 2010
Artists Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman take location data from Twitter tweets, go to the place where the tweet originated and photograph it, and...
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All eyes turn to FCC in net neutrality debate

Sep 30, 2010
Now that Rep. Henry Waxman's net neutrality bill died before even getting out of committee, congressional Democrats are looking to the FCC to...
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