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Netflix adds video out capability to iPhone and iPod Touch apps

Oct 5, 2010
It only works with the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch but if you have those, hooray, you can hook up your gizmo to your TV and pow you're...
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D.C. electronic voting system attacked by Wolverines!

Oct 5, 2010
Imagine you're in charge of a new electronic voting system in Washington, D.C. You're confident that it's secure so you challenge hackers of the...
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Foursquare goes down for 15 hours

Oct 5, 2010
You may have noticed the world plunged into chaos and all governments collapsed because for 15 hours, NO ONE KNEW WHERE ANYONE ELSE WAS. Fake...
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Computer teaches itself

Oct 5, 2010
Great. Juuuuust great. Have we learned nothing from Blade Runner? Battlestar Galactica? Terminator? Apparently not. A computer in a basement at...

Tony Curtis was buried with his iPhone

Oct 5, 2010
This according to his family. I have many jokes I can make, none of them appropriate or respectful.
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Steven Johnson's 'Where Good Ideas Come From'

Oct 5, 2010
Here's a thought: What if all that time you waste on social networking websites isn't a waste of time at all? What if tweeting your tweets on Twitter and facebooking with your fake friends on Facebook is actually a path toward finding the next big idea, the next breakthrough A-ha(!) moment of your life? We talk to author Steven Johnson. His new book Where Good Ideas Come From argues that we may be more likely to have our breakthrough on social networks than sitting alone at a desk.

Verizon to pay up to $90 million in refunds to customers

Oct 4, 2010
There were all these little charges of $1.99 charged to customers over the years because of data exchanges initiated by software built into their...
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Toasted skin syndrome for laptop users

Oct 4, 2010
Today, in the journal Pediatrics, Swiss researchers reported the case of a 12-year old boy whose skin started showing a sponge pattern on his legs...
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Steven Johnson on where ideas come from

Oct 4, 2010
Just interviewed Mr. Johnson for tomorrow's show (his new book comes out tomorrow as well). Here's a fun illustrated version of his book's central...
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The 3D revolution is here and you can watch it without goggles in Japan if you keep your head still.

Oct 4, 2010
Look for a new Bon Jovi video - shot in 3D - coming soon. And, it's not just the boys from New Jersey. Sony says 3D is hitting the music industry...
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