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Jun 7, 2010
Today's tech story is pretty much Apple's World Wide Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Steve Jobs delivers his keynote...
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Foxconn gives raises again

Jun 7, 2010
Couple of weeks ago, every day brought news of another suicide at the massive Chinese manufacturing facility. Now every day brings news of another...
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Get energy from the stars

Jun 7, 2010
Well, that would be nice, wouldn't it? Scientists at the wonderfully named National Ignition Facility are conducting an enormous laser fusion...
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New Yahoo will let you see Facebook content

Jun 7, 2010
Yahoo is rolling out new features that will allow its users to view Facebook content on Yahoo sites.
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Happy Patch Tuesday

Jun 7, 2010
This month's Patch Tuesday is a particularly extensive one.

Steve Jobs introduces the Death Star

Jun 4, 2010
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Tech News In Brief - 6/4/10

Jun 4, 2010
Google data collection mess gets messier China blocking FoursquareU.S. Cyber Command wants to ‘operate freely' to protect and defend computer...
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Fake BP Twitterer sort of comes forward.

Jun 4, 2010
The Twitter account at @BPGlobalPR is not run by BP and isn't really a pr account. It's parody of a pr person trying to spin the disaster in the...
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Observe! Space observatory dressed up like observer from space!

Jun 4, 2010
Here in Minnesota, prankster students draped the Carleton College observatory to look like R2-D2. Good thing they didn't make it look like Jar-Jar...
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Gadget tells you when you need a break

Jun 4, 2010
An Israeli tech company has come up with a new gadget that will check the stress and mood levels of people on their computers.  It uses sensors to...
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