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U.K. investigates data on man-made global warming

Jul 7, 2010
U.K. authorities are criticizing scientists for their defensive approach towards data in an investigation on man-made global warming.
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Are you paying for apps you didn't want to buy?

Jul 7, 2010
Hackers took over the iTunes apps store during the holiday weekend and charged unknowing customers for random apps.

"President unveils second Iranian robot man"

Jul 6, 2010
Our pal Xeni Jardin over at Boing Boing offered up a story today that caught our eye. It's all about the new "Iranian robot man". Larissa showed me...
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Want a tech job? Be an expert in geolocation

Jul 6, 2010
"Geolocation" is a word still not recognized by Microsoft Word (I'm still getting the red squiggly spell check line) but it may be where the jobs...
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An eye exam on a smart phone

Jul 6, 2010
Some at MIT are developing a smart phone app where one can evaluate someone's eyesight using a little plastic eye piece.

A lighthearted approach to the death of newspapers

Jul 5, 2010
So Internet killed the newspaper. This we know. But what were the stages of its demise, and is there still a death rattle going? More from humorist Dave Barry.
Posted In: Internet reveals Kagan's emails

Jul 5, 2010
A group has uncovered Elena Kagan's emails during her time in the Clinton administration, and have published them all online.

Apple admits it boosted bars on iPhone

Jul 2, 2010
Software update won't fix bad reception and dropped calls complaining as some iPhone customer still complain about poor reception. Reporter Bob Moon gives an update on the iPhone signal situation.