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HP reassures investors after loss of CEO Mark Hurd

Aug 9, 2010
Hewlett-Packard is trying to ease investor tensions after CEO Mark Hurd resigned on sexual harassment allegations.

Blackberry getting kicked out of countries?

Aug 9, 2010
Some Middle Eastern countries move to limit Blackberry's encryption, which make messages hard to spy on.

No need for colleges in five years says Bill Gates

Aug 6, 2010
I guess a dude who dropped out of Harvard and became the richest person on the planet couldn't be expected to strenuously fight for the campus...
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Do you know where your kids are? Wanna?

Aug 6, 2010
Wherescope launches today - it's an app that uses GPS to tell parents where their kids are.  Parents can set up geofences - like home, school -...
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Beatles on iTunes?

Aug 6, 2010
"Don't hold your breath," says Yoko Ono. ...
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Amazon releases free games on Kindle

Aug 6, 2010
Because you can't go anywhere anymore without playing video games. Personally, I'd like to see games like Grand Theft Auto on the Kindle. But...
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Gotta Hunch?

Aug 6, 2010
The website Hunch, instead of assuming it knows your interests, allows you to tell it exactly what you want from the Internet.

Google, Verizon discuss net neutrality

Aug 5, 2010
Reports say Google and Verizon have been trying to hammer out a shared vision of how the future of the Internet should work. Reporter Steve Henn talks with Kai Ryssdal about how a deal could impact consumers and why we should care.
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Google Wave is dead. Here are your haiku eulogies.

Aug 5, 2010
We asked our Twitter followers to write eulogies for Google Wave in haiku form. Here are some of what you came up with:...
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GPS Glasses!

Aug 5, 2010
Yesterday we talked about some engineers in Austin, Texas who hooked up electrodes to their faces and played Super Mario Bros using only their...
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