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Aging Out of Employment

Sep 3, 2010
The unemployment rate in Silicon Valley is grim, and even worse for older engineers.

Apple takes a byte out of Amazon's margins

Sep 2, 2010
Amazon is already reacting to the creation of Apple's new streaming TV service and set-top box....
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Microsoft hoping for mobile mojo

Sep 2, 2010
Microsoft is released its latest mobile phone software to cell phone manufactures today....
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The FDA elbows into the app store

Sep 2, 2010
This is my heart beat....
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Apple's in the Garden

Sep 2, 2010
With the announcement of Apple's new social networking tool Ping, we look into the "walled gardens" the company is creating, and how they may be harmful for web users.

Get a (second) life

Sep 1, 2010
A Japanese seaside resort is teaming up with Konomi Digital Entertainment to create a vacation getaway for young men and their virtual girlfriends....
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Tag your tots: RFID chips for preschoolers

Sep 1, 2010
By Steve Henn...
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Listen to my iHeartbeat...

Sep 1, 2010
iPhone's all over hearts these days. First, we had the iPhone Heart Monitor app for exercise buffs (sweating optional). Then the news that Apple...
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India's security services eye Google and Skype

Sep 1, 2010
After cutting a deal with Blackberry for access to data sent over the network, India's security officials move toward Google and Skype.

Apple Announcement Rumors: Music to Our Ears

Aug 31, 2010
With Apple all set to make several announcements tomorrow about its music services and product line, the rumor mill is kicking into overdrive. S...