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As the Apple press conference approaches...

Jul 16, 2010
there are reports that Steve Jobs was warned about the iPhone 4's antenna issues before the phone was released. Meanwhile, Senator Charles Schumer...
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Blogs in China disappear

Jul 16, 2010
Years ago, the Chinese government ramped up efforts to get as much of the population online as possible. The flipside of internet access?...

Some of our favorite Isaiah Mustafa videos

Jul 15, 2010
There are way too many of these now available to list all of them. Or even watch all of them. But here are some that we especially enjoyed....
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Who owns the information you put online?

Jul 15, 2010
When a social networking website goes out of business, what happens to the personal information of the users? Apparently, it can be put up for sale.

Suspect in Russian spy case worked at Microsoft

Jul 14, 2010
So did he somehow infiltrate and doom the Kin project? Apparently not. Alexey Karetnikov was apparently a low level software tester at Microsoft...
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Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Jul 14, 2010
Now we know it was the chicken! Because it's a fact! Because a computer got involved and solved everything!...

Stay plugged in while traveling

Jul 14, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to "Attack of the Show" host Kevin Pereira the latest in tech gadgets to take on your summer trip.
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Microsoft paying developers to build apps for Windows Phone 7

Jul 14, 2010
Microsoft is getting ready to make a big push in mobile but it obviously isn't going to have very many apps at the time of launch. Nowhere near...
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Microsoft Office 2010 sales results "a bit disappointing"

Jul 14, 2010
This according to a report by research group NPD. It's kind of a mixed bag report, really, nothing apocalyptic for MSFT. But it does get at a...
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Internet may get credit/blame for changing FCC regulation on cussing

Jul 14, 2010
On Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled that the FCC's indecency rules are unconstitutional (a violation of first amendment rights) and vague....
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