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iPad and Kindle users can't borrow from e-book libraries

Oct 12, 2010
Some libraries have e-libraries, so you can browse and borrow any time you'd like. But the top e-readers -- Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad -- won't let you read borrowed e-books, and it doesn't seem like they're going to be more library-friendly any time soon.

iPhone 4 is more breaky than 3GS

Oct 12, 2010
The iPhone 4 is more breakable than its predecessor the 3GS. That's the conclusion of a new survey of iPhone owners. 68% more accidents were...
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Google invests in offshore wind

Oct 12, 2010
You know Google, right? They're that company that does wind farms and autonomous cars. Oh and yeah, they have a search engine too, I think....
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Deleted photos on Facebook aren't really deleted

Oct 12, 2010
Ars Technica first wrote about this story a year ago and the problem hasn't really gone away so they've written about it again. At issue: what...
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Is Windows Phone 7 the phone hater's phone?

Oct 12, 2010
Microsoft has debuted the new Windows Phone 7 on a bunch of devices. The company is hoping that what sets it apart from the iPhone and Android devices already on the market will be the idea of getting your information quickly and then putting the phone away. Also in this program, kittens you can play with over the Internet.

Cut and paste technology eludes Windows Phone 7

Oct 11, 2010
None of the new crop of Windows Phone 7 phones (love that inescapable bit of grammar) will have cut and paste capability coming out of the gate....
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Federal Elections Commission cuts Google a break

Oct 11, 2010
In August, Google asked the Commission if they need to include disclaimers in short campaign ads the site features that are at their maximum, 95...
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Windows Phone 7 videos

Oct 11, 2010
Here are some videos from Microsoft demoing the new Windows Phone 7. If they don't work in your browser: sorry, and go here.
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Augmented Reality: drones attack Jimmy Fallon, Marketplace newsroom

Oct 11, 2010
Augmented Reality layers graphics and information over images of our real world in real time. Those yellow first down lines that show up on the...
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Apps that prevent you from using your phone

Oct 11, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Hiawatha Bray, a tech reporter at the Boston Globe, about smartphone apps that try to prevent you from using your phone while driving -- or at least try and make you a less distracted driver.