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Stuxnet computer worm threatens power plants, not credit cards

Sep 28, 2010
Unlike common computer viruses that go after your personal data or simply mess with your computer, a new worm is on the loose called Stuxnet, which targets software that controls infrastructure. Experts weigh in on what this means for the debut of Iran's new nuclear power plant, which has been infected by Stuxnet.
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PlayBook enters the tablet computer fray

Sep 27, 2010
Research In Motion, the company that should just call itself BlackBerry in order to make my life easier because then I wouldn't have to type all...
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New Yorker app for iPad

Sep 27, 2010
In an effort to make a video announcement that is every bit as twee and precious as the magazine itself, the New Yorker tapped Jason Schwartzman to...
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Google has been found guilty of libel in France.

Sep 27, 2010
A convicted sex offender who is appealing his conviction objected to the word "rape" coming up in a search of his name. The French court said he's...
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"Get off your stupid smartphone," say new ads for smartphone

Sep 27, 2010
Interesting marketing approach from Microsoft as they get ready to roll out the new Windows Phone. They've created advertisements that talk about...
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Chilean miners don't get to play video games

Sep 27, 2010
The 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chile are hoping to get out in early November - possibly even October. While they're down there, they'll be...
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Solar Roadways

Sep 27, 2010
There are only a few days left before voting ends for the GE Ecomaginations Challenge. And one of the ideas in the contest is to convert thousands of square miles of pavement into solar panels. We talk with Scott Brusaw about his idea and how it would work.

Coming Soon: Netflix to offer streaming only option

Sep 24, 2010
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Sunshine Sachs) Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is hinting his company will soon o...
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Mozilla labs imagines phone of the future

Sep 24, 2010
Want a peek at a phone that would make all those iPhone carrying hipsters green with envy? Check out the Mozilla Seabird (or at least the animate...
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Deadly Distraction

Sep 24, 2010
One out of every six fatal traffic accidents in 2008 was caused by a distracted driver according to a new study published in the American Journal...
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