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Craigslist censors self, decries censorship

Sep 8, 2010
Responding to criticism, Craigslist takes down its "adult services" section. But how much responsibility over the ads in such areas should the site claim?

Double Rainbow LIVE

Sep 7, 2010
Some geek rock royalty on stage here: MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton, and Paul and Storm rocking the autotuned version of Double Rainbow.
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The future, according to Eric Schmidt

Sep 7, 2010
I keep wondering whether someone at Google will tell this guy to stop talking. A while back was Schmidt's assertion that in the future it will be...
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Amazon poaches key game exec from Microsoft

Sep 7, 2010
This is kind of weird considering that Amazon is not exactly known for making original games. Nonetheless, Andre Vrignaud who served as MSFT's...
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Google home page a big colorful mystery

Sep 7, 2010
Have you been to Google today? Then you've noticed that they're running another special logo. The word "Google" is formed by a bunch of colorful...
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Assange on thin ice at Wikileaks

Sep 7, 2010
Julian Assange has long been the public face and chief spokesperson of Wikileaks. But a recent rape investigation has some in that organization...
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Snail mail gets interactive

Sep 7, 2010
British stamp enthusiasts should be lining up with their smart phones at Royal Mail post offices by now. The nearly 500-year-old Royal Mail is the...
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Google in Pittsburgh signals tech burst

Sep 7, 2010
Google is expanding and hiring. That's hardly worth noting, but before you punch up your resume and start looking for an apartment in Boston or San Jose you should know that the expansion is in Pittsburgh. Mark Nootbaar reports.
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Cyber War and Peace?

Sep 7, 2010
A proposal is circulating for a peace treaty for cyberspace, but could a cyber war really happen, and what would it look like?

Heat-seeking gun - the Nerf kind

Sep 6, 2010
This toy version of a heat-seeking machine gun was the brainchild of Rick Prescott. It won MAKE Magazine's Gadget Freak Design contest. Prescott...
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