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Weezer tries to go viral by lending themselves to people who have

Sep 14, 2010
The rock band Weezer has a new album out and they're approaching promotion of it in a kind of different way. They've made themselves available to...
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FCC takes a look at cell phone use in prisons

Sep 14, 2010
Last month, President Obama signed a law that bans cell phone use by prisoners. But, phones apparently keep finding their way in facilities -...
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Angry Birds will let you cheat - for a price

Sep 14, 2010
Angry Birds is probably the most popular mobile phone game of the last year (read comedian Paul F. Tompkins' take on it). In the game you launch a...
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Your car and your concentration are at issue in Washington

Sep 14, 2010
With OnStar announcing new features and a tech company urging for distracted driving laws, the car is on its way to a more technologically advanced and safer future.

White space spectrum to be made available by FCC

Sep 13, 2010
It's a complicated issue to explain but in short: when the switch to digital television happened, there were parts of the spectrum that were no...
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YouTube goes live. Few watch.

Sep 13, 2010
I guess I would tune in to a live YouTube stream of sports. Aaaaaand I can't think of anything else. A concert? Not if I could see it later....
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Wi-fi on steroids

Sep 13, 2010
The FCC is set to approve use of unlicensed bandwidth for wireless use. Turns out there's all this room on the spectrum and it can be used to make...
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Microsoft used as tool of repression by Russian government

Sep 13, 2010
A New York Times article got plenty of buzz in tech circles over the weekend. It's about how the Russian government is using the construct of the...
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Using 'white space' for faster Internet

Sep 13, 2010
"White space" is what the Federal Communications Communication calls unused airwaves. The FCC is thinking about opening up some of that white space to the public -- which would result in better, faster Internet.