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Finland new broadband improves rural service

Jul 2, 2010
Now that Finland has made broadband Internet a legal right, service in the country's rural areas will improve.
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What is Amazon up to with all these Kindles?

Jul 2, 2010
With a number of different versions and even options for video and audio on its smart phone app, it's difficult to determine what the Kindle is evolving into.

Amazon buys Woot

Jul 1, 2010 is this really strange and wonderful online retailer that is sort of the opposite of Amazon. Instead of billions of items, they sell...

George Lucas not happy about the real and dangerous light saber

Jul 1, 2010
Wicked Lasers has been selling a portable laser that looks an awful lot like a Star Wars light saber for around $200.  Anyone can order it online...
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Just use torpedoes to clean up the oil in the Gulf

Jul 1, 2010
"Crisis in the Gulf" is a video game that gives you a chance to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf.  Well, clean up may be a stretch.  Players...
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Hulu to start charging you money. (And that's a good thing?)

Jul 1, 2010
Hulu launches Hulu Plus, a paid option with a bigger catalog. But is this paid model really going to change our TV-watching ways?

Captcha with video

Jun 30, 2010
If you've been online, you've at some point encountered some kind of Captcha, where you have to decode warped-looking letters and numbers. I don't...

A Tesla...for the resta'ya

Jun 30, 2010
So far, this week's been a big bonanza for Tesla Motors. The electric car company raised $226 million with its IPO Monday, and the share price has...
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Information overload, an age-old problem

Jun 30, 2010
Author William Powers talks to Kai about how information overload is not an ancient problem, but a modern one, along with ideas on how to combat the deluge of information people face everyday.

Who cares about Foursquare? Apparently, people with money.

Jun 30, 2010
Put me in the camp of people who are still mystified by Foursquare. I think they got off on the wrong foot by first entering my world as a stream...
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