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America the Slow

Oct 21, 2010
Akamai, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company, tracks Internet speeds across the globe. And although this country may have created the web it's pretty shocking how slow U.S. mobile and broadband connections are compared to the rest of the world.
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Known and Unknown Tweets

Oct 20, 2010
He once said "I don't do quagmires," but he does do Twitter. Beginning this morning you too can follow the former defense secretary ...
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Twitter chatter predicts DOW performance, analysts say

Oct 20, 2010
This final note today, in which I once again bow down to the greater wisdom of Twitter. I know, I know; I've said it before, but this time it co...
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Microsoft offers different rates for different Office usage

Oct 20, 2010
Microsoft's Office software comes pre-packaged with different programs with different tasks, and that means some of the programs never even get used -- but you have to pay for them anyway. There was an announcement today, however, that changes are ahead.

Back to Mac

Oct 20, 2010
It's another day in Apple's iUniverse. And Steve Jobs just unveiled the Mac Book Air. It's lighter, longer-lasting and more fun at parties....
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Cable Blackout leaks into the Web

Oct 20, 2010
News Corporation and Cablevision are still in a contract fight, and around 3 million cable subscribers in the New York area still can't watch the...
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De-Facebook the web

Oct 20, 2010
9 hours ago, a Google engineer tweeted: "After more privacy bad news, I wrote a Chrome extension to stop Facebook from following you around the web...
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What happens to your Facebook data now?

Oct 20, 2010
By now you may have heard that your Facebook data may have been taken by third party application developers and moved over to ad companies. The Wall Street Journal reported that of the top 10 apps on Facebook, all 10 were engaged in this practice. Some of them were even capturing info about your friends and then selling it. So what happens now?

Wired magazine co-founder discusses "What Technology Wants"

Oct 19, 2010
Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine and author of "What Technology Wants," speaks with Kai Ryssdal about how technology is changing what it means to be human.

Dead Sea Scrolls coming to the internet

Oct 19, 2010
Apparently, it's a team up effort between Google and the Israeli Antiquities Authority. I hope commenting is not enabled....
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