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Are political polls accurate in the age of cell phones?

Oct 15, 2010
As Election Day approaches, there are many polls predicting -- with varying degrees of accuracy -- the outcome of the elections. Many of those polls are conducted by automated calling of land line phones. But given how many people use cell phones instead of land lines, can we trust what the polls say?

Taxi driverless taxi coming to Berlin

Oct 14, 2010
Because, apparently, someone wants to be driven around Berlin by a computer? Or something?...
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PlayStation 3 owners: vegging out is about to get yet easier

Oct 14, 2010
That's because you'll be able to watch Netflix content without even having to put that little disc in the little disc player. You can just choose...
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Verizon coming to the i...Pad

Oct 14, 2010
Pad? What the-- ? What about the phone?...
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What is Google's Price Index?

Oct 14, 2010
The Internet search giant is looking into creating price index, similar to the Consumer Price Index, that can track inflation based on what people are buying online every day. How accurate can it get? Tony Arnold reports.
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What Verizon's iPad means for AT&T

Oct 14, 2010
Apple has announced that Verizon will begin selling the iPad by the end of this month, with rumors that the two will connect for the iPhone next year. But where does that leave AT&T? Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports.


Oct 14, 2010
The Windows Phone 7 isn't even in stores yet but plenty of reviewers and Microsofties already have them. And in the app store that is already live,...
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Facebook monkeys with comments, prepares for global domination

Oct 14, 2010
Tech Crunch has confirmed what AllFacebook noted late yesterday: new functionality on Facebook comments. While the company will probably never roll...
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Guy gets robot to punch people a whole lot in the name of science

Oct 14, 2010
This. This I love. In Slovenia(!), a scientist has somehow persuaded six male colleagues to let a robot punch them repeatedly in order to build up...
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