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Google's election guide

Sep 22, 2010
Can be found here. Lots of fun to drill down into for political junkies.
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Facebook is making you a friend request you can't refuse

Sep 22, 2010
It's become harder to turn down a friend request on Facebook. You used to be able to just click "accept" or "ignore," but the social network site has changed those options to "accept" or "not now." That may change the way you Facebook. We talk with B.J. Fogg at Stanford University and Clary Shirky, who's written on the social effects of technology, to get their perspectives.

Actually turning down a friend request in Facebook

Sep 22, 2010
As we talked about in the show today, it's become harder to reject a friend request in Facebook, thanks to a change the company made. Instead of...
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A lesson in AT&T's Facebook approach

Sep 22, 2010
More companies are embracing social media these days for marketing purposes. But at the same time, there's always the risk of PR disaster. Kenny Malone reports on one approach companies can take when Facebook turns unfriendly.
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Google Transparency Project isn't all that transparent

Sep 21, 2010
Google is always getting asked by governments around the world to take down certain material or to hand over data. They sometimes go along with it,...
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Michael Jackson online game exists for some reason

Sep 21, 2010
In a move that easily ranks up there with the weirdest stories about Jackson when he was alive, the estate of Michael Jackson has launched Michael...
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Facebook quietly launches de facto follow feature

Sep 21, 2010
So I noticed this last night when I was Facebook friended by one of my kids' friends. He's a nice kid but I didn't want to have that kind of...
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What will we do with all this "white space?"

Sep 21, 2010
Soon, the FCC is expected to open up unused parts of the broadcast spectrum, also known as "white space." We talk with Glenn Fleishman from Wi-Fi Networking News about how the spectrum works. And Tim Wu from Columbia Law School weighs in on companies that may use that space and what it means for Internet users.

Nano-car may change chemotherapy

Sep 20, 2010
The nano vehicle is full of chemotherapy drugs. It drives straight into cancer cells and releases the payload -- doesn't react and release chemo...
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New augmented reality blows minds, does little else

Sep 20, 2010
Plane Finder AR is a $3 app that lets you stick your phone in the sky and see the flight number, speed, elevation, origin, and destination of...
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