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India's security services eye Google and Skype

Sep 1, 2010
After cutting a deal with Blackberry for access to data sent over the network, India's security officials move toward Google and Skype.

Apple Announcement Rumors: Music to Our Ears

Aug 31, 2010
With Apple all set to make several announcements tomorrow about its music services and product line, the rumor mill is kicking into overdrive. S...

No more paper OED

Aug 31, 2010
The days of the150-lb, 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary are numbered. This week, Oxford University Press announced it's just too expensive to...
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Play tech's Great Game

Aug 31, 2010
So we read lots and lots of tech headlines at this show. Facebook's after Foursquare's market; Apple's after Microsoft; Google's after everyone&...
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Cloudy Future for Digital Property

Aug 31, 2010
With cloud computing gaining popularity, we investigate how ideas of ownership of digital property are in flux.

Did Blackberry Crack Under Pressure?

Aug 30, 2010
Research in Motion the creator of the Blackberry smart phone has reportedly backed down in its standoff with the Indian government.  India...

Killing Cable

Aug 30, 2010
I moved coast to coast about six months ago and I still haven't hooked up a new cable connection in my house. Okay – given I'm a public radio...
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Aug 30, 2010
Nirvana for film buffs.  Imagine an online movie rental store with every movie, ever made always in stock - an unlimited number screens and an...
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Africans rush to create apps

Aug 30, 2010
A contest to create the best apps to solve problems in East Africa is opening up dialogue between developers and NGOs.

Oil-eating swarm of robots

Aug 27, 2010
It's an MIT project called Seaswarm. Little robots drag around nano-fabric that can asborb 20 times their weight in oil.  These robots dragging...
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