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Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Download Band

Nov 16, 2010
It's been rumored for years but something or other has always held it up until today. It's important to note that the tension and enmity between...
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New prosthetic arms are wired directly to the human brain

Nov 16, 2010
A new breakthrough in the field of prosthetic limbs could make available a new generation of arms that are more nimble and dexterous than ever before. And not only do they resemble a natural arm in shape, size, weight, and strength, they have much more sophisticated wiring, letting the wearer operate the arm with brain signals.

Facebook's email aimed at being all-inclusive

Nov 15, 2010
Facebook announced its new email platform today, which is aimed at combining all kinds of social technological communication into one. Kai Ryssdal talks with Marketplace's Steve Henn about who this is targeted at and how Facebook hopes it will succeed.
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Next up on the coy press event roster: Apple

Nov 15, 2010
We've been hashing around Facebook's email system that they say isn't an email system all day....
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Kinect 3D camera hack will make your brain all twisty.

Nov 15, 2010
Kinect hacked into 3D camera...
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Meanwhile in an alternate dimension, the anti-Facebook

Nov 15, 2010
It's called Path and it's a new social network with a couple of very big differences to Facebook. First, it's more of a photo sharing service than...
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UPDATED: Facebook to launch email service, would you use it?

Nov 15, 2010
By all accounts, Facebook is rolling out an email service. It's pretty much the most-leaked Facebook announcement I've ever seen, actually, so I'...
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AOL announces email over-haul, Facebook announcement expected

Nov 15, 2010
AOL has announced Project Phoenix, the long-awaited overhaul of its email. And later this morning, Facebook is expected to announce an email service. Stacey Vanek Smith has more.

Julia Sweeney tries to Lose It

Nov 15, 2010
Julia Sweeney has an eclectic resume. She's been an accountant, sketch comedy performer on Saturday Night Live, movie actress in projects ranging...
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Nov 12, 2010 has removed an especially controversial title from its Kindle electronic book store. Amazon initially defended its own carrying of the book, saying that to remove it would be censorship, and then they yanked it anyway. But given the way Amazon stocks the virtual shelves of its online store, isn't this issue likely to come up again?
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