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Google and Apple want your TV

Oct 7, 2010
Big tech companies are not satisfied to just be on your computer or phone. They want to go where you really spend time -- on your TV. We take a look at the emerging Google TV technology as well as the recently released Apple TV. We also give you an update on new Facebook features and talk about how people are cheating their way through an English hedge maze.
Posted In: Internet

Online retailers trying to beat Amazon Prime

Oct 6, 2010
ShopRunner is an attempt by online retailers to lure loyal customers away from Amazon by setting up a program that allows unlimited shipping for $79 a year -- like Amazon Prime.
Posted In: Internet, Retail

Motorola Droid Pro wants to eat BlackBerry's lunch

Oct 6, 2010
As BlackBerry flails somewhat in trying to capture a share of the consumer smartphone market, at least it has had business customers to fall back...
Posted In: android, Blackberry, business, gadgets

New Sony Google TV remote is a horrifying nightmare

Oct 6, 2010
Viewers of ABC's Nightline got a quick glimpse of a remote that Sony is preparing to go along with the new Google TV. And holy mackerel it looks...
Posted In: Google, search, tv

Facebook event today

Oct 6, 2010
According to Tech Crunch, a redesign of the page layouts is at least part of what's going on. From the screen shots they show it doesn't look like...
Posted In: Facebook, social media

Stepping inside Microsoft's retail stores

Oct 6, 2010
Microsoft is about to open its fifth and biggest retail store directly across from the Apple store at the Mall of America in Minnesota. It's Microsoft's boldest attempt to compete with Apple. Alisa Roth reports on Microsoft's year-old move into retail.

Netflix adds video out capability to iPhone and iPod Touch apps

Oct 5, 2010
It only works with the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch but if you have those, hooray, you can hook up your gizmo to your TV and pow you're...
Posted In: Entertainment, gadgets

D.C. electronic voting system attacked by Wolverines!

Oct 5, 2010
Imagine you're in charge of a new electronic voting system in Washington, D.C. You're confident that it's secure so you challenge hackers of the...
Posted In: gadgets, government, privacy

Foursquare goes down for 15 hours

Oct 5, 2010
You may have noticed the world plunged into chaos and all governments collapsed because for 15 hours, NO ONE KNEW WHERE ANYONE ELSE WAS. Fake...
Posted In: Entertainment, geolocation, search, social media, Web Culture

Computer teaches itself

Oct 5, 2010
Great. Juuuuust great. Have we learned nothing from Blade Runner? Battlestar Galactica? Terminator? Apparently not. A computer in a basement at...