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Apple yanks Wikileaks app

Dec 21, 2010
The app wasn't actually produced by Wikileaks, just by an enterprising developer who charged $1.99 (for stuff you can read free lots of places). It...
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Looks like net neut is a done deal ... for now

Dec 21, 2010
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has the votes to pass his net neutrality plan. The FCC is scheduled to vote today on this plan. Here's an excerpt...
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This ad's for you

Dec 20, 2010
There are rumors that Direct TV is working on getting targeted ads on the TV. To do so, the company will have to obtain a lot of information on you, the TV viewer. Kai Ryssdal talks to the University of Pennsylvania's Joseph Turow about all the implications.

How net neutrality might affect your Internet use

Dec 20, 2010
The Federal Communications Commission is set to vote tomorrow on net neutrality, which enforce an even playing field for all Internet websites, big or small. Some argue that such rules are unnecessary.
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Google extends free phone call program

Dec 20, 2010
The Gmail Calling program, which lets you make calls out of your Gmail email account, had its free period extended to the end of 2011. That means...
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Mechanical Turk is 40.92% spam generators

Dec 20, 2010
This according to researchers at NYU. They investigated all new HIT requesters on Amazon's Mechanical Turk site for September and October ...
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Zuckerberg goes to China

Dec 20, 2010
Facebook is blocked in China but Zuckerberg was there to meet with the top brass at Baidu, the search engine of choice/availability for Chinese...
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Facebook as retailer

Dec 20, 2010
Business Week says Facebook is about to make a major push into retail, partnering up with small companies and big companies to sell stuff on the...
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Google asks partners to delay Google TV products

Dec 20, 2010
Yikes. Google TV was supposed to be making an enormous splash at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas but now Google is asking TV...
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Net neutrality, and a conversation with Tim Wu

Dec 20, 2010
Our connection with the Internet is something we're just beginning to fathom, so how we manage it is new territory too, right? Wrong, says Tim Wu. The man who coined the term "net neutrality" says history is full of instructive examples of technology, innovation and regulation.