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Starbucks lets you pay with a phone

Jan 19, 2011
Starting today, you can pay for your coffee at Starbucks using an app on your iPhone. You'll need to go into the app and put money on that account...
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Republican congresswoman going after net neutrality hard

Jan 19, 2011
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is no fan of the recent FCC action to address concerns about net neutrality. She thinks it went way too far in...
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Comcast deal has interesting strings attached

Jan 19, 2011
As expected, the FCC and Justice approved the Comcast acquisition of NBC Universal. And as expected, there were conditions attached. The list is...
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Expected interest rate hikes could push Brazilian rates over 11 percent

Jan 19, 2011
In Brazil, another expected interest rate hike could push rates above its current 11 percent. Inflation in Brazil is at a six year high and the central bank there is desperate to get it under control.
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The latest ways in which your computer is vulnerable to attack

Jan 19, 2011
By now, we should all know that the Nigerian prince who emails you out of nowhere is not actually a Nigerian prince. Similarly, that email from your bank needing to "verify" your PIN code at some shady website? Yeah, probably not legit. But scammers, malware purveyors, and other bad guys are still out there, adopting new approaches.

Apple after Steve Jobs

Jan 18, 2011
Technology companies that don't innovate, don't last. With or without Steve Jobs, Apple faces lots of business challenges in the future.

Do you want to smell your video games?

Jan 18, 2011
A company called Scent Sciences makes a system that adds scent to video games. ScentScape is a personal digital scent delivery system, and accordi...
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California city thinking of putting DUI offenders on Facebook

Jan 18, 2011
Huntington Beach, California is ranked first in the state for alcohol-related driving deaths. Now councilman Devin Dwyer wants to take a bold step:...
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Angry Birds knocked off the top of the charts by 14-year-old

Jan 18, 2011
The cool thing about app stores is that you don't need to be a big name hotshot brand in order to make a splash. Take for instance, 14-year-old...
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Facebook backtracks on data sharing

Jan 18, 2011
Just before the weekend, Facebook rolled out new functionality that allowed third party app developers to ask users for their address and mobile...
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