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Another Silicon Valley perk -- free shuttle service

Dec 26, 2012
Silicon Valley tech companies are known for their posh employee benefits. Among the latest, free shuttle bus service from SF to the Valley is transforming life for tech commuters.
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Top 10 ways to avoid being tracked online

Apr 14, 2012
There's a growing backlash against this data mining by people who are trying to keep their online lives private. Here are some tips to help.
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VIDEO: Watch an iPad get made from the Foxconn factory floor

Apr 11, 2012
See what life is like for the workers who help assemble your Apple products in this exclusive video footage from the Foxconn factory floor in Shenzhen, China.
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Why the FCC halted LightSquared's wireless network plan

Feb 15, 2012
Federal officials have nixed a plan by broadband company LightSquared to build a national wireless network. Politico's Eliza Krigman explains why and discusses what happens next.
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Setting the record straight on Apple

Oct 7, 2011
Marketplace Tech Report host John Moe helps us get the facts straight on Apple and its products.

The big deal about Google's Chromebook

May 12, 2011
Reporter Steve Henn discusses why Google's new laptop, the Chromebook, could be a game changer and some of its security risks.

iPad and Kindle users can't borrow from e-book libraries

Oct 12, 2010
Some libraries have e-libraries, so you can browse and borrow any time you'd like. But the top e-readers -- Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad -- won't let you read borrowed e-books, and it doesn't seem like they're going to be more library-friendly any time soon.

Inc. Magazine's case for virtual offices

Mar 29, 2010
The latest issue of Inc. Magazine was created from its employees' homes. The magazine's editor, Jane Berentson, talks with Kai Ryssdal about where the idea came from and whether it could work as a long-term strategy.
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Touring the new Google-powered phone

Oct 22, 2008
Finally, it's here -- T-Mobil has started selling the Google-powered G1 smart phone. So what's all the fuss about? Kai Ryssdal talks with Kevin Pereira of G4 TV to find out what it does.
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T. Boone Pickens and the wind farms

Sep 4, 2008
If you've seen his commercials on television, you know the Texas oilman is promoting his idea to build electricity-generating wind farms to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Pickens explains it to host Bob Moon.
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