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Silicon Tally: Twins in Space!

May 30, 2014
How well have you kept up on this week's tech news?
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The Googlers inventing the future: mainly male, white

May 29, 2014
A lack of diversity in an innovation company can lead to a disconnect.
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Law & Order: tech edition

May 29, 2014
Jeff Thompson tracked the use of computers in all 456 episodes of Law & Order
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How did 'driverless' cars become 'self-driving' cars, and should we be worried?

May 28, 2014
A subtle change in how we talk about computer-driven cars speaks volumes about our feelings toward them.
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Apple confirms it will buy Beats for $3 billion

May 28, 2014
$3 billion is a lot of headphones. But how many, you ask?
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Skype Translator

Lost in translation? Skype hopes not

May 28, 2014
Skype will introduce a new translation software that works in real time.
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Google car

What Google's driverless car actually means

May 28, 2014
With Google's new self-guided car, will people even need to know how to drive?
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Google car

Goodbye driver's ed, hello self-driving car

May 28, 2014
Google's newest prototype brings us closer to having self-driving cars
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A digital night at the museum

May 28, 2014
The Metropolitan Museum of Art ads 400,000 pieces of art to its digital archive
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The right to be forgotten... or, at least, edit

May 26, 2014
More on what the "right to be forgotten" ruling means for users of the internet.
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