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How to use social media for effective customer service

Aug 9, 2013
Sometimes it pays to use Facebook or Twitter to get effective customer service. Tips on how to get the results you want.
Posted In: social media, customer service

The cool cult of Apple

Oct 6, 2011
How a company designed its way into the national consciousness and created millions of loyal users.

'Homeless Hotspots' program sparks debate

Mar 12, 2012
A controversial new experiment at South by Southwest puts Wi-Fi units in the hands of the homeless. Accused of condescension and exploitation, "Homeless Hotspots" creators hope the debate will encourage entrepreneurship and visibility.
Posted In: homeless hotspots, South by Southwest, wifi, wireless

Apple readies App Store for iPhone

Jul 9, 2008
Apple's latest iPhone launches Friday, but the real buzz is around a software update that will give iPhone users access to third party applications. Janet Babin reports.
Posted In: Science

Hate voicemail? Check this message...

Sep 17, 2009
If you haven't checked your voicemail lately, you may be in on a new trend. More people are losing their taste for the service. Beth Teitell reports on what phone companies are doing about it.
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Will electricity power cars of the future?

May 8, 2009
The Department of Energy is pulling the plug on hydrogen fuel-cell research. So electricity and ethanol are jockeying for the top car-powering spot. Are more electric cars in our future? Jennifer Collins reports.
Posted In: Science

Texting experts for an Internet search

Aug 21, 2008
A new search company isn't using algorithms to find answers on the Internet -- it's using humans instead. Text in a question and someone will text you right back. Dan Grech checks it out.
Posted In: Internet, Science

A slew of glitches for iPhone

Aug 20, 2008
From weak or inconsistent signals to dropped calls and poor battery life, Apple has been dealing with a bunch of problems since rolling out its latest iPhone. Jeff Tyler reports why it needs to work these out fast.
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Networking Web site gathers inventors

Nov 4, 2009
Got any good ideas for making life a little more hassle-free? A Web site may help make your idea the next big thing. Simone Orendain reports.
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Hey brogrammer, let's crush some code

May 15, 2012
For women in computer science, Silicon Valley's startup world is still a very male place. And one character stands out: The brogrammer.



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