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Can Crocs go the distance?

Jul 27, 2007
The craze for Crocs footwear has outlasted most analysts' projections. It announced yesterday its 2nd-quarter earnings tripled. Yet, it could be tricky for the Colorado-based shoemaker to keep up the pace. Sam Eaton reports.
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Geek seeks same for LTR

Jul 27, 2007
Internet dating is a huge business, but where does the Star Wars-loving, D&D-playing pocket-protector set look for love? Enter, a site where folks with somewhat oddball passions find their perfect match.
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Will flow of yen dry up with stock scare?

Jul 27, 2007
The recent global buying frenzy has been fueled by relatively low interest rates on the Japanese yen. Consultant Roger Bootle says the downward turn in stocks could get worse if that flow of cash gets scarce.
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Wall Street shakes with volatile energy

Jul 26, 2007
From last week's record high to today's 311-point drop, the market is a volatile place lately. And Bob Moon found out that the roller coaster ride is likely to continue.
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Ford profits make a U-turn

Jul 26, 2007
Ford reported its first quarterly profit in two years today, surprising most analysts. Kai Ryssdal talked to The New York Times' Micheline Maynard about what allowed for the automaker's good news.
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Schools study ways to keep teachers

Jul 26, 2007
In the summer months, many school districts struggle to fill open teaching positions. Jeff Tyler explores what drives many once-enthusiastic teachers out of the classroom -- and what the schools are doing about it.
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Cut corporate taxes, or close loopholes?

Jul 26, 2007
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson believes the tax burden on businesses is driving some companies away. Critics say closing tax code loopholes benefitting well-connected industries is a better move. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Hyper-competitive job market training

Jul 26, 2007
Funding for a little-known program helping workers who lose their jobs to overseas competition is being held hostage by GOP backers of presidential fast-track trade authority. Chris Farrell explains the controversy.
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Selling to the haves, giving to the have-nots

Jul 25, 2007
This weekend, a Southern California shoe company will give one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair purchased. Brett Brune reports on the company's charitable nature despite its for-profit status.

A microcosm of the subprime meltdown

Jul 25, 2007
One working-class neighborhood in Cleveland saw 400 foreclosures last year. But critics say the home lending crisis is only now making headlines because it's shaking up Wall Street. Steve Henn reports.
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