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Trade deficit slows for first time in a long time

Jun 8, 2007
The U.S. trade deficit has been at historic levels for years. It goes up every month. But today there was a big reversal. Jill Barshay reports.
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Buzzword: Bull-bear ratio

Jun 8, 2007
Need to know how your stocks are doing? There's no better way to describe a market than by using examples from the animal kingdom.
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We're charging up profits for MasterCard

Jun 7, 2007
For everything else, indeed. Shoppers are using plastic to pay more than ever and that's driving newly-public MasterCard stock way up. So what now? The company will probably invest in ways to make charging even easier, Jill Barshay reports.
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U.S. workers aren't producing as expected

Jun 6, 2007
Worker productivity grew at just 1 percent in the first quarter, about half of earlier government estimates. Not much of a difference? We called analyst Greg McBride to clear things up.
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Making it easier for the poor to spend

Jun 6, 2007
Wal-Mart plans to unveil a pre-paid Visa card aimed at the 80 million U.S. residents who don't have bank accounts. Steve Tripoli reports that the nation's largest retailer may have something to teach competitors about servicing the poor.
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Fee hike threatens Alaskan travel

Jun 6, 2007
In Alaska, air taxis are more common than ground taxis. Small planes are integral to the transportation system, carrying everything from commuters to pizza to emergency medical care. But an FAA fuel tax hike could ground many of them, reports Weld Royal.
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Homebuilders storm the Hill

Jun 6, 2007
After enjoying years of unbridled growth, many homebuilders say they're now sinking along with the subprime lending market. So 1,300 of them are in Washington today to ask for help, and they have some unlikely allies, Steve Henn reports.
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Private equity's rising debt gets Fed's attention

Jun 5, 2007
Fed chief Ben Bernanke said today he's still worried about inflation. Something else the Fed is keeping its eye on is the debt that some private equity firms are amassing in their recent buying binge. Amy Scott reports.
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Weak housing market hits home goods

Jun 5, 2007
Retailer Bed, Bath and Beyond saw shares fall 5.4% today on news that first-quarter earnings would be below expectations. Some analysts are pointing the finger at the weak housing market. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Corner stores on the edge

Jun 5, 2007
In dense urban areas where housing prices are rising dramatically, corner stores are seeing a lot of new faces. Lisa Chow takes a look at New York markets on the leading edge of gentrification.
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