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Gold is in again

Jan 3, 2007
The price of gold has been going up thanks to private investors and up-and-coming world economies, and it could be poised to take off even higher. So what does that mean for the dollar?
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A 'perfect landing' for the economy?

Jan 2, 2007
The Federal Reserve's efforts to steer the nation clear of inflation without crashing other parts of the economy might be working even better than imagined. Bob Moon reports.
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Gas-price conspiracy? You bet!

Jan 2, 2007
Commentator and consumer advocate Jamie Court says there IS evidence that oil companies intentionally influence gas-price fluctuations.
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Selling senior fitness

Jan 2, 2007
Retirees are staying active well into their golden years. And a new crop of health clubs is catering to seniors who want to stay that way. Cash Peters has the skinny.

Getting antsy on Wall Street

Jan 2, 2007
Markets are closed today for the fourth straight day to mourn the passing of President Ford, but many traders aren't enjoying the extended holiday. Dan Grech explains.
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Jobs forecast: Sluggish

Jan 2, 2007
Some economists are predicting that we'll see a slow rise in unemployment in 2007 — but the rest of us might have more money in our wallets. Amy Scott reports.
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Bouncing Baby Bells

Jan 2, 2007
This week in 1984 we celebrated a new baby . . . actually seven of them. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the history.

Working the party

Jan 1, 2007
For party planners like Justin Jones, the holidays are no time to kick back. Jones organizes over-the-top parties some of us get to enjoy — or at least read about.
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Buying in a soft market

Jan 1, 2007
According to some real estate experts, there's no better time than now to purchase a home. But a soft market doesn't necessarily make it a comfy one, as Janet Babin reports.
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When pay-per-view TV got its start

Jan 1, 2007
This week back in 1951, television first dipped its toe into the world of pay-per-view programs. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on the beginning of a television revolution.
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