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Top mining company tries to buy rival

Feb 6, 2008
BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, is looking to buy one of its competitors, Rio Tinto. So far, Rio Tinto has rejected BHP's offers. But if the deal goes through, it would be the second-biggest takeover ever. Bob Moon reports.
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Battling recession with Fannie & Freddy

Feb 6, 2008
With a possible recession looming, Washington is mulling changes to allow federally backed lenders to take on more debt. It could help some homeowners, but is the plan too risky? Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Luxury homebuilder hitting a wall

Feb 6, 2008
Toll Brothers is facing a big drop in orders, and they're in good shape compared to the rest of the home construction industry. Steve Tripoli reports.
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UAW election support not from cash

Feb 5, 2008
The United Auto Workers is in the middle of its annual legislative conference, and as its an election year, the union is more fired up than usual. But Steve Tripoli reports UAW support doesn't come directly from funding.
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Election year slow for political books

Feb 5, 2008
In an election year not dominated by one single polarizing figure, political books are struggling to enjoy the popularity they once did. But Ashley Milne-Tyte reports publishers still have plenty of them on their spring lists.
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Citigroup's card cutoffs generate fears

Feb 4, 2008
Citigroup has given 160,000 high risk credit card customers in the U.K. one month before it will cut off their cards. Jeff Tyler reports on whether this is a trend that could begin to affect risky American consumers.

Finding Drucker's vision in all that stuff

Feb 4, 2008
Commentator Charles Handy reflects on the philosophies of economist Peter Drucker to figure out what to do when a consumer economy starts to buy less stuff. First in an occasional series.
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Federal budget proposal tops $3 trillion

Feb 4, 2008
President Bush has submitted a budget proposal of $3.1 trillion, declaring that it would fund security efforts yet not present a financial burden for taxpayers. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks at the budget and reports on what Americans are getting out of it.
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Why do bonds even need insurance?

Feb 4, 2008
We've been hearing a lot of news about the trouble with bond insurers like MBIA and Ambac. But why is bond insurance even important? Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan debunks the mystery with Scott Jagow.

What to wear to a recession?

Feb 1, 2008
With this year's New York Fashion Week kicking off in a slowing economy, retailers have a few more wrinkles to contend with in figuring out what customers will buy. Jill Barshay reports.
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