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China, U.S. hash out trade disputes

May 22, 2007
Beijing has sent its biggest-ever trade delegation to Washington for a summit on the trade deficit, debt, tarriffs and money policy. But don't get your hopes up for sweeping changes. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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As gas prices rise, we keep filling up

May 21, 2007
It's been 26 years since gas prices, if put in today's dollars, were as high as they are today. And yet we're using it like it still cost $1.35 a gallon. Oil-price expert Tom Kloza talks with Kai Ryssdal about what's going on.
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Sloan Sessions: Summer rally time?

May 21, 2007
Not that Wall Street really needs a rally this year, but with summer break on the horizon we asked Allan Sloan whether to expect a traditional May selloff before investors hit the beach. Hard to say, he says, but they're gonna take their Blackberries.
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Lenders propose their own subprime fix

May 21, 2007
A group of lending industry leaders is hoping to forestall a Congressional fix with some solutions of its own. But growing impatience is likely to make it a tough sell on Capitol Hill. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Hoffa to China: A global union movement?

May 18, 2007
Compamines are global, capital is global... why not labor unions? The Teamsters boss visits China as the emerging economic giant considers a new law giving bite to China's mostly toothless labor protections.
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Your employer may know you're listening to this. . .</p>

May 18, 2007
Workplace monitoring is pretty much a fact of life these days. Most companies do it one way or another, as new technology makes it easier to spy on employees. So privacy advocates are pushing for some new ground rules. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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OK, Ben, but Greenspan said . . .

May 17, 2007
Part of Ben Bernanke's job now involves hearing the differing views of his predecessor. Steve Tripoli looks at whether the Fed chief could be a little irked by the attention Alan Greenspan's attracting.
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Reaganomics is dead . . . in America

May 17, 2007
With congressional Democrats preparing legislation to raise federal tax rates, commentator Stephen Moore says The Gipper's economic philosophy no longer holds sway in Washington. But in the rest of the <nobr>world . . .</nobr>
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Double-wide trouble for mobile-home owners

May 17, 2007
Rising land values are putting the squeeze on trailer parks. In Washington state so many have closed it's turned into a full-blown housing crisis. Sam Eaton reports.
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It's not on the menu, but...

May 17, 2007
We'll take ours protein-style. It isn't hard to find regulars at some well-known fast-food restaurants ordering "secret" menu items. And allowing this off-the-menu behavior can be a very smart business move, Pat Loeb reports.