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A little NBA Draft Day math

Jun 28, 2007
Tonight 30 NBA teams will select 60 players to join their ranks. It'll be televised in 115 countries in 18 languages, and some of the newest NBA ballers will be foreign themselves. It all adds up to some nice global padding on the bottom line, Jill Barshay reports.
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Fed closing check-processing centers

Jun 27, 2007
Because people are writing fewer checks, the Federal Reserve says it's going to close almost all of its 22 check-processing centers. ThPat Barron, head of the Fed's check processing operations, explains what's happening.
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Number of millionaires growing fast

Jun 27, 2007
A report out today says that about a third of the world's 9.5 million millionaires live in the U.S. Robert Frank, who writes the Wealth Report column for the Wall Street Journal, discusses the report with Scott Jagow.
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CAFE debate spills over to House

Jun 27, 2007
The Senate last week passed an energy bill which would up the minimum fuel economy standards for automakers to a fleetwide average of 35 mpg. The auto industry hopes to remove that requirement in the House this week. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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More bad signs in the housing market

Jun 26, 2007
The nation's second-largest homebuilder, Lennar Corp., said it lost money for the second-straight quarter. It also expects the housing market to get worse. Economist Christopher Mayer tends to agree.
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Nuts & Bolts: Small-time capital

Jun 26, 2007
When you're not up for venture capital but still need cash, where do you go? Steve Tripoli talks to small business-owners about how they approached the money chase... and how they'd do it differently if they could start again.
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Education gaps slow U.K. productivity

Jun 26, 2007
Britain has enjoyed huge economic gains lately, but a new survey says overall rates of illiteracy and poor math skills are dragging down how productive the nation's workforce can be. Stephen Beard reports.
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Seminoles plan global Hard Rock reach

Jun 26, 2007
The Indian tribe bought the cafe, restaurant and hotel chain for close to $1 billion, and now has plans to take the franchise overseas to Europe, South America, China and India. Amy Scott reports.
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The financial gap is everyone's problem

Jun 25, 2007
Commentator John Authers says Wall Street is rightfully worried about the growing gap between America's rich and poor.
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Running Rite Aid

Jun 25, 2007
Rite Aid's Mary Sammons has faced her share of challenges since joining the company. In Part 2 of our interview, Kai Ryssdal spoke to the CEO about the early days.
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