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New owners, same issues for Chrysler

Aug 3, 2007
Chrysler began another chapter in its 82-year history today. Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management officially took over as new owner. But the same executives will tackle the same problems as before.
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Bear hit raises fears of debt crisis

Aug 3, 2007
Wall Street is hoping the subprime mortgage crisis won't spread. But Bear Sterns' debt rating got downrated today, and some economists aren't sure the problem has been contained. Steve Henn reports.
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Chip fab shutdowns rock whole industry

Aug 3, 2007
A power outage in South Korea shut down factories that make memory chips essential to a whole range of electronic devices. As Lisa Napoli reports, the timing of the shutdown echoes through the industry.
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The week on Wall Street

Aug 3, 2007
Bob Moon talks to analyst David Johnson about what happened on Wall Street this week.
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Know your worth in the job market

Aug 3, 2007
Prospective employees have a right to know what they're worth in the job market. Alisa Roth shows us how salary websites can help your research and why you might also want to be careful about the numbers.
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A foreclosure storm on the horizon?

Aug 3, 2007
The announcement that American Home Mortgage will drastically cut operations and lay off 7,000 may be just the beginning of a crisis in the U.S. lending market. Steve Henn reports on how deep the problem goes.
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Rise of the green collar worker

Aug 3, 2007
Demand for skilled workers is already outpacing supply in the rapidly expanding eco-friendly sector of the economy. Enter legislation that could help fill the gap -- and provide pathways out of poverty for thousands of workers. Sam Eaton has details.
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Vodafone, BNP don't mix on Facebook

Aug 3, 2007
The British telecom giant pulled its ads from the popular social networking site after its ads bumped up against the manifesto of the British National Party, seen as xenophobic and racist. Stephen Beard reports from London.

Sports ticket scalping goes digital

Aug 2, 2007
Online ticket reseller StubHub has a new deal with Major League Baseball that give the site exclusive rights to resell tickets in concert with the league. Steve Henn explains why this might make it harder for fans to get reasonably priced seats.
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Pros, cons of protecting against Yuan

Aug 2, 2007
China has been accused of keeping the value of its currency low to bolster exports. Cheap goods help U.S. retailers but can hurt manufacturers. Jill Barshay reports on the battle in Congress over protectionist measures.
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