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Bear Stearns takes a big subprime hit

Jun 20, 2007
The crisis in the subprime mortgage market continues to take its toll on Wall Street. Merrill Lynch will sell off the assets of two hedge funds that relied on subprime loans that are now going south. Amy Scott reports.
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Nuts & Bolts: Pulling the plug

Jun 19, 2007
Business isn't going so well, but how do you know when to cut your losses? It's a difficult decision, and the serial entrepreneurs among our listeners have some smart advice for the first-timers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Not on investors' super value menu

Jun 19, 2007
Wendy's has made it official: It's hanging out the "for sale" sign. But the fast food company's been hinting that it might be looking for a buyer since April and speculators may have pushed the stock price too high. Jill Barshay reports.
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Nations vie to be among '7 Wonders'

Jun 18, 2007
A worldwide competition is going on now to name a "New 7 Wonders of the World." For many countries, particularly those in Latin America, it's not just their national pride that's at stake. Dan Grech reports.
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Studying ways to help 2-career couples

Jun 18, 2007
A lot of married couples find themselves having to figure out who gives up what so the other can take the job of a lifetime. Jane Lindholm reports it's a problem especially common in academia.
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Educating Rico: What's an escrow?

Jun 15, 2007
Associate producer Rico Gagliano's been tagging along with a friend getting into the Los Angeles housing market. But there's one crucial word he still needs to add to his lexicon.

Can parks preserve quality service?

Jun 15, 2007
The National Park Service is relying increasingly on volunteers to staff its facilities. But some park service employees are complaining that the quality of service is suffering -- and so is morale. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Not so fast, private equity

Jun 15, 2007
It hasn't gone unnoticed by Congress that private equity firms are starting to go public. Or that they pay less than half the tax rate public companies do. So yesterday it introduced a bill to even the playing field. Steve Henn reports.
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Starting at Ground Zero

Jun 14, 2007
JP Morgan Chase said today it's moving back to Lower Manhattan at the World Trade Center site. Officials hope it will lure other businesses to locate there, too. But Alisa Roth reports the bank didn't come cheap.
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We need a 'Last Chance Mortgage' fund

Jun 14, 2007
Once we get past stories about subprime mortgages and whether or not rising interest rates will sink real estate even lower, is there a way to bring the market back? Commentator John Vogel has a plan.
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