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Richard Sherman, cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks wears (what we're guessing is) not a counterfeit jersey.

You bought a counterfeit sports jersey. So what?

Feb 2, 2015
Such products are often a revenue stream for criminal organizations, experts say.
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Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit.

TurboTax tries to recover from price-hike stumble

Jan 30, 2015
Expert says company is on the right path, owning the mistake and offering refunds.
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Rob Ninkovich, defensive end for the New England Patriots.

Treasure those Roman numerals while you can

Jan 30, 2015
Up next year: Super Bowl 50, because "Super Bowl L" wasn't pleasing to the eye.
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There's no such thing as nacho cheese

Jan 30, 2015
Serving it on game day? Remember this: Nacho cheese is whatever you want it to be.
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Avocados From Mexico will debut Sunday as a first-time Super Bowl advertiser.

Fun fact Friday: How green are thy Super Bowl advertisers

Jan 30, 2015
A weekly roundup of what we learned at Marketplace.
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Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, in the 2015 Super Bowl Skittles commercial.

New brands take a chance with Super Bowl ads

Jan 30, 2015
NBC finally sold its final Super Bowl ad spot four days before the game.
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Department of Sanitation employee Dennis Stacks helps rotate the plow of a salt truck before it clears the snow in New York City.

Guess everything costs more in New York City

Jan 29, 2015
... including snow and ice removal, which averages $1.8 million per inch. Say what?
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Program assistant Mayra Dittman (R) helps Juanita Gilbert in Novato, California.

Value of a dollar in Indiana's Medicaid expansion

Jan 29, 2015
Under the deal reached this week, there will be monthly premiums of at least $1.
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McDonald's orders a fast-food quick-fix

Jan 29, 2015
New CEO Steve Easterbrook has a lot on his plate — but can McDonald's be saved?
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Snowmaking at Heavenly Resort in the Lake Tahoe area.

Fake snow is a genuine business plan for ski resorts

Jan 29, 2015
"Juneuary" weather forces ski areas to employ a costly option, snowmaking machines.
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