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Atlantic City doubles down on casinos

Mar 4, 2008
In spite of a slowing economy, Atlantic City plans to spend almost $10 billion on a new wave of casino projects. The city is betting on a new demographic of gamblers to spruce up the local economy. Joel Rose reports.
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Paulson touts Bush housing crisis moves

Mar 4, 2008
The Hope Now Alliance has modified about 150,000 subprime loans since the federal mortgage program's inception. Tess Vigeland speaks with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson about the program and other government efforts to fix the mortgage crisis.
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Bernanke calls for mortgage reductions

Mar 4, 2008
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called for mortgage lenders to help defaulting homeowners by reducing the principal they owe on their mortgages. John Dimsdale reports banks are reluctant to follow the advice.
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Corporations threaten democracy

Mar 3, 2008
Commentator Charles Handy says American corporations are run more like totalitarian states than pillars of democracy. He hopes they can restore their reputations as forces of economic good. Last in a series.
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CO2 fight hinges on pain at the pump

Feb 29, 2008
The E.P.A. recently struck down a law mandating tougher gas efficiency and emissions standards for cars sold in California. But with gas prices soaring, consumers may force Detroit's hand. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Avoiding an audit

Feb 29, 2008
None of us want that dreaded audit letter from the IRS in the mail, so Tess asks Frank Degen how you can make sure your tax preparer isn't setting you up for trouble.
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Un-conferencing: Leveraging face time

Feb 29, 2008
Silicon Valley is known for innovation and its sometimes unorthodox working environments. But a new trend has baffled correspondent Cash Peters: When is a conference not a conference? Apparently, when no one's in charge...
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Straight Story: TIPS

Feb 29, 2008
One of economics editor Chris Farrell's favorite investments just got a bad rap in the Wall Street Journal. Chris sets the story straight on TIPS and where they belong in your portfolio.

Consumer spending is still low

Feb 29, 2008
The Commerce Department reported this morning that consumer spending was flat for the second month in a row. Add to the equation the fact that inflation is on the rise, and Dan Grech reports it amounts to trouble.

Asian oil markets in vicious cycle

Feb 29, 2008
Asian markets flirting with oil prices of $103 a barrel at a time when countries are under pressure to hold the line on prices. Bob Moon gets insight into inflationary pressure with Raphael Minder of the Financial Times.
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