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Gas sign of the times

Jun 5, 2007
Some gas station operators are tired of running outside to change the numbers on those towering signs. It's time-consuming, sometimes dangerous, and being slow to match the latest price move can cost 'em big. So they're going digital.
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Lone Star thinks it's got a prime choice

Jun 4, 2007
Private equity firm Lone Star Funds will pay $400 million for Accredited Home Lenders. Lone Star's not the only buyout gang throwing money at sub-prime's corporate wreckage. Steve Tripoli reports.
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The fall of the laddie mag

Jun 4, 2007
Ten years ago magazines for younger males, such as Maxim, were phenomenally successful. Now they aren't. And Maxim's up for sale. Mediaweek's Lucia Moses talks with Kai Ryssdal about the magazines' rise and fall.

S&P then and now

Jun 4, 2007
After seven long years, the S&P 500 has climbed back into record-setting territory. And it's looking better than ever. Allan Sloan explains why today's S&P is leaner, meaner and less risky.
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Insurance premiums on fire

Jun 4, 2007
Homeowners in high-risk wildfire areas in the West are facing sharply higher insurance premiums — and threats of policy cancellations. The industry says it's just being realistic. Watchdog groups say insurers are padding profits. Bob Moon reports.
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Job growth improves — but why?

Jun 1, 2007
The government says there were 157,000 new jobs created in May — quite a bounce back from the previous couple of months. Where did all the new jobs come from all of a sudden?
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Florida insures itself for hurricane season

Jun 1, 2007
Forecasters say a handful of major hurricanes could hit the U.S. this season. Florida's largest insurer is now a state-run company, filling the void left by wary private firms. But is that a good thing? Dan Grech reports.
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Dems look to fix pay discrimination ruling

Jun 1, 2007
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that employees have just six months to sue if they think they're getting less pay. Some Democrats are crafting a bill that would give them more time. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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P-Rade brings in the bucks for Princeton

Jun 1, 2007
It's the season for college reunions, and at Princeton, that means lots of alum money. The elite school boasts the highest alumni giving rate of any university in the country. Amy Scott reports.
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Wal-Mart could use some cheering up

May 31, 2007
Wal-Mart's annual shareholder meetings have often had a pep rally feel. But with a flat stock price, sluggish sales and PR problems, the company may need some cheerleading at this year's meeting on Friday. Amy Scott reports.
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