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Student loan kickbacks

Mar 16, 2007
New York's Attorney General says public and private colleges across the country are getting kickbacks from college loan companies to push their loans, even if they may not be the best choice for students.

Almost everything's more expensive

Mar 15, 2007
When the Producer Price Index came out this morning, it accelerated speculation about what the Fed might do when it meets next week. Alisa Roth takes a look at what today's report might really mean.
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The Bank of Wal-Mart?

Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart says it wants a limited banking license so it can save on credit card payments. But a congressman thinks he's found evidence that the retail giant has something bigger in mind. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Shifting workers' shifts

Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart is trying to improve employee scheduling by using something called labor optimization software. But, as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, it's not always optimized <em>for</em> labor.
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Digging for subprime gold

Mar 15, 2007
As the subprime mortgage sector approaches a full-scale meltdown, investment bank Goldman Sachs is talking about getting deeper into subprime lending. Is it a fire sale or a fool's market?
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March Madness profits on demand

Mar 15, 2007
The NCAA Tournament jumps into full swing today and big-time revenues are a slam dunk for partners like CBS &mdash; not to mention peripheral players like beer sellers.
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Automakers turn up heat on mileage proposals

Mar 14, 2007
U.S. and foreign auto execs and the UAW are lobbying hard in Washington against proposals requiring higher gas mileage. Sam Eaton reports on the high stakes of climate-change legislation.
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Big players make a subprime choice

Mar 14, 2007
Nervousness over the subprime mortgage market is causing some wild swings in the stock market. Kai Ryssdal talks with the Wall Street Journal's Kate Kelly about the big names who are entering the fray.
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United against fuel efficiency hikes

Mar 14, 2007
The Big Three U.S. automakers, Toyota and UAW will be sitting on the same side of the table today. They're all on Capitol Hill to argue against government proposals for raising fuel efficiency standards.
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Paulson gets some high-priced analysis

Mar 13, 2007
Treasury Secy. Henry Paulson's worried that too many rules are costing American businesses too much money. He asked a gathering of top business leaders today what they thought. Pat Loeb reports.
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