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Wall Street's prognosis: negative

Apr 10, 2007
Earnings season kicks off today on Wall Street and it's looking a little sickly. Some analysts are saying the three-and-a-half-year corporate profit streak may be nearing an end.
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One alarm you won't sleep through

Apr 9, 2007
Do you want an alarm clock that rings and runs? Sean Cole reports on the morning torture device called Clocky that can't be stopped.
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Can we get that shaving deduction?

Apr 9, 2007
From beard taxes to yachts, history teaches that you never can tell how people will respond when you find a new way to tax them. Except that some of them will find some way to avoid paying it.
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A very taxing family

Apr 6, 2007
It's a family business that only Uncle Sam could love. Ashley Milne-Tyte takes us to Queens, New York, where three generations of tax accountants prepare for April under the same roof.
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Buzzword: H-1B visa

Apr 6, 2007
They come from foreign lands to put their sophisticated skills to work in the U.S. -- unless there's not enough room.
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The Week on Wall Street

Apr 6, 2007
Kai Ryssdal discusses the week that was on Wall Street with stock broker and business analyst David Johnson.
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Young black men dropping out of 'job culture'

Apr 6, 2007
The unemployment rate for black men in America over 20 years old stands at 9 percent. But some consider that figure a lowball estimate.
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Kerkorian's back in the Chrysler race

Apr 6, 2007
Twelve years after a previous attempt to acquire the automaker, billionaire Kirk Kerkorian has bid $4.5 billion for Chrysler. But if anyone's going to stand in his way, it could be the auto workers union.
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Another big raise for CEOs

Apr 6, 2007
CEO bonuses were up 13% last year. Some say efforts to link executive pay to performance are working, but critics argue that the rules of the game have been rigged to ensure a big payday.
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Subprime geography

Apr 5, 2007
Subprime lending casts a wide net. Steve Tripoli takes us through different types of subprime loans and the areas where lenders set up shop — and not just the poor communities are targeted.
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