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Ethanol, bad weather boost wheat

Jul 24, 2007
With many farmers rushing to grow corn to fill a growing market for ethanol for cars, wheat supplies are the lowest in a generation. And U.S. farmers are sitting in the catbird seat. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Mexico to experiment with GM corn

Jul 24, 2007
Corn was likely first cultivated in Mexico and it still has a central part of the culture. But genetically modified strains simply produce more corn per acre, and there's a hungry nation to feed. Dan Grech reports.
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Netflix tries lower prices to stay ahead

Jul 23, 2007
Staying competitive in the face of Blockbuster's aggressive online campaign, Netflix announced more price cuts for some of its services. Jeff Tyler explores the lastest in the DVD rental price war.
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UAW starts off with tough talk

Jul 23, 2007
Despite today's conciliatory air at the start of negotiations between the United Auto Workers and big automakers, UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said he isn't interested in concessions. Alisa Roth reports on the big issues on the table.
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Policing the flood of imports to U.S.

Jul 23, 2007
More than 11 million cargo ships unload in U.S. ports every year. A new proposal would have each container inspected and scanned. But just how practical is that, and who would scan the data? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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The real power of the Fed chief

Jul 23, 2007
Ben Bernanke has headed the Federal Reserve Board for 18 months now, and some still hang on his every word. But does he really have much power? Fortune editor-at-large Allen Sloan says yes and no...
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Poll: Saying 'no' to globalization

Jul 23, 2007
A new poll finds that consumers on both sides of the Atlantic feel their lifestyles are threatened by cheap labor in China and India. Well-heeled executives should pay more taxes, too. Stephen Beard reports.
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Fighting for the right to relax

Jul 23, 2007
There are laws on the books in 127 countries mandating vacation time for workers. But not in the U.S., where a lot of folks find they just can't afford to escape the grind in a competitive market. Wren Elhai reports.

Day in the Work Life: The big cheese

Jul 20, 2007
New York City's Chanterelle restaurant offers menus decorated with limited-edition art, a 5000-bottle wine cellar and some of the best cheese in the world. Better have a good fromager.
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Citigroup makes bank

Jul 20, 2007
Citigroup has had a very good run this quarter. The nation's biggest bank says growth is up 18 percent. The record revenues were bolstered by international growth, while its consumer business was down. Janet Babin reports.
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