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PODCAST: Summer camp for techies

| Jul 8, 2014
Walmart versus the small business, cord-cutting slows down, and coding summer camps

Inversion – ain’t nothing but a tax dodge, baby

| Jul 8, 2014
Companies buy overseas rivals with one aim in mind: Reduce their tax burdens.
Top Shelf Cannabis

Berkeley, California wants to sell marijuana too

| Jul 8, 2014
California wants in on the marijuana market.
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Graduating Harvard University Law School students wave gavels in celebration of commencement ceremonies in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Just how bad was it to graduate into the recession?

| Jul 8, 2014
A new report says the Class of 2008 got out of school in the nick of time
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The Internship

How to make $7k a month at your high school internship

| Jul 8, 2014
What are Silicon Valley interns doing to be making 5 to 7 grand a month?

Google deleted a BBC reporter's article. Is it right?

| Jul 9, 2014
Google can delete articles from its search engine under a new ruling.
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A Stock Trader

Economy is booming... for now

| Jul 8, 2014
Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal talks to New York Times's Neil Irwin about his recent piece "Welcome to the Everything Boom, or Maybe the Everything Bubble."
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Aging prisoners bring healthcare cost headache

| Jul 9, 2014
States cut costs of prison healthcare, but aging inmates could drive it back up.
Crumbs Bake Shop

As the cupcake crumbles: Lessons from Crumbs' demise

| Jul 8, 2014
Crumbs expanded quickly and even went public.
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The happy accident that changed squirt guns forever

| Jul 8, 2014
Lonnie Johnson dreamed of inventing, but never knew he'd be famous for a toy.