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Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble shaves off a few brands

| Aug 1, 2014
Procter & Gamble says it's getting rid of as many as 100 more brands.
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Everything in this store is made out of felt

| Aug 1, 2014
Because who doesn't need a dose of felt Prozac every now and again?

Automakers could sell 16 million cars this year. What?

| Aug 1, 2014
That's the biggest auto sales number in eight years.
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Why Honda is the most innovative car company on Earth

| Aug 1, 2014
Jeffrey Rothfeder explored the car-maker's culture in his new book "Driving Honda"

You can rent your car out at the airport for cash

| Aug 19, 2014
Another experiment in the "sharing economy."

Photographing the wage gap over time

| Aug 1, 2014
Jim Goldberg compares two economic classes through his collection of photographs.

"Mini" muni bonds — double your money, help your city

| Aug 4, 2014
Denver hopes to attract a whole different class of bond buyers.
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The education benefits in the VA Reform Bill

| Aug 4, 2014
The bill will lift residency requirements for vets who attend public colleges.

Hacking away in Las Vegas

| Aug 4, 2014
A look at this week's Black Hat and Defcon security conferences.
Dow Jones plunges

Argentina defaults

| Aug 1, 2014
Talks broke down between Argentina and some of its bondholders, triggering default. Tim Fernholz, reporter for Quartz, explains.
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