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Want to buy a Tesla in China? Take a number.

| Apr 28, 2014
What is it about some products that get us to wait in line?
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Commencement ceremony at Cypress Bay High School

High-school graduation rate hits 80 percent for first time

| Apr 28, 2014
High school graduation rates in the U.S. have reached 80 percent. What was done to raise the rate, and how valuable is the degree that more teenagers are getting?
Logo of state-owned oil company Rosneft

How Russian sanctions could pinch Western companies

| Apr 28, 2014
New sanctions take aim at the head of a Russian oil company in which BP has a big stake. BP’s stock fell after new sanctions were announced.
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What can the NBA do about unwanted owners?

| Apr 28, 2014
We look at why breast-cancer survivors have a high rate of long-term unemployment. And, a look at the markets in the week ahead.

A post mortem for the 'worst video game ever'

| Apr 28, 2014
Why there are copies of the game "E.T." for Atari buried in the New Mexico desert.
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Drowning in debt? Consider a restructuring

| Apr 28, 2014
Restructuring sounds scary because it's often associated with bankruptcy.
Team owner Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers owner Donald Sterling suspended, fined

| Apr 28, 2014
Why Donald Sterling matters to the NBA: Franchisee-owners are in charge.
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Border towns hit hard as fewer migrants cross

| Apr 28, 2014
Fewer migrants crossing Arizona’s border mean a slump for towns that relied on the smuggling economy.
Toyota dealership in McKinney, Texas

Toyota of Texas

| Apr 29, 2014
Toyota's move to Texas a big win for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
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Which brand is bigger: Oprah or Starbucks?

| Apr 29, 2014
A little pepper. A little ginger. A Starbucks Chai Tea with Oprah’s name on it.