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Looking for tax breaks in all the wrong places

| Mar 6, 2014
Hey homeowners: Here are some tax tips you may not know about.
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A health-care reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at an Affordable Care Act Enrollment Fair at California's Pasadena City College in 2013.

Delays for Obamacare, on the business side

| Feb 11, 2014
In early February, the Obama administration announced again it was pushing back some health care rules.
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Quiz: How well do you know your SAT vocabulary?

| Mar 5, 2014
A new test was announced today with big changes to the verbal section.
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HBO turns to rap to promote 'Game of Thrones'

| Mar 5, 2014
Violence, money, power, gangs, sex... HBO put two and two together, and asked hip hop artists to write lyrics for Game of Thrones.
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Jeffrey Zients is not an economist

| Mar 5, 2014
And the new National Economic Council boss is not a longtime political insider, either

Happy birthday to a very old cookie

| Mar 5, 2014
Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, March 6th.

By 2020, there will be 10 web-connected devices per human

| Mar 6, 2014
Dell CEO Michael Dell tells Marketplace his plans to meet future demand.

Lesbians Who Tech holds first ever summit

| Feb 26, 2014
Over 750 lesbian women in the tech industry gathered in San Francisco to network, hack, and forge a new community.

The Ukraine crisis could extend to outer space

| Apr 3, 2014
Tensions in Ukraine impact American-Russian space partnership.

Orchestra 2.0: Symphonies beat cable to a la carte

| Mar 5, 2014
How a business built on sitting still and listening to old music is adapting to the new market.
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