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Marketplace for Friday April 18, 2014

| Apr 18, 2014

With spring in full swing across the US, economists are looking forward to a busy home-buying season. One factor that might push people to buy – the high cost of renting compared to owning. Since the financial crisis, people who hold a mortgage have been spending less on housing than people who rent. But that’s beginning to change, as Adriene Hill reports. Plus, Gillette is said to be close to unveiling a new razor with a blade that rotates on a ball hinge, the latest innovation in the high-end battle for the dollars men spend on grooming. The thing looks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and it’s enough to make you wonder… how do Gillette and others go about convincing men that this is something they need to have? Then, the Obama administration announced $2.5 billion more in loan guarantees for solar energy. Despite the Solyndra failure (followed not long after by the failure of several Chinese solar companies), solar has grown into a big industry. We count the ways.


Marketplace Money for Friday, April 18, 2014

| Apr 18, 2014

This week on Marketplace Money, host Lizzie O'Leary and personal finance writer Kristin Wong discuss budgeting when you're broke — yes, you can save money even when you don't have much of it. Personal finance expert Lauren Lyons Cole tackles questions from our listeners. Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson dissects the latest when it comes to money and mobile technology. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of The Confidence Code, explain the importance of confidence for women in the workforce, and Airfare Watchdog's George Hobica tells us why it pays to be nice to your flight attendant.


Yellen's big speech number two

| Apr 18, 2014
Kai talks with Felix Salmon from Reuters and Catherine Rampell of the Washinton Post about the week's biggest economic news.
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Easter treats

Earnings' fate when Easter's late

| Apr 14, 2014
Easter is almost a month later than last year... and so are sales.
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Beer: Saving a town from drought

| Apr 15, 2014
A brewery steps in when a town's given a grave diagnosis.
Pecan pie

Pass the pecans

| Apr 16, 2014
Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marketplace at 25

On January 1, 1989, Marketplace debuted on public radio. A show to look at life through the lens of business and the economy. And to celebrate the milestone, we're going to revisit some of the biggest questions about the economy -- and take a look at how the economy has changed in the past quarter-century.


In which we DO NOT spoil GoT: Silicon Tally

| Apr 18, 2014
Play Silicon Tally to find out how well you've kept up on this week's tech news.
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Marketplace Tech for Monday, April 21, 2014

| Apr 21, 2014

Netflix is the latest tech company to announce earnings today. And the streaming juggernaut has had an interesting quarter. Plus, when a government agency auctions off radio spectrum so one giant company can own it instead of another, it can have a huge impact on consumers, how we use our mobile devices now, how we might use them in the future, and how we will pay for it. All this will depend in part on upcoming spectrum auctions being put together by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015. 



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