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Coding in classrooms

It's Computer Science Education Week, and kids are trying their hand at coding.

Student data and school attendance

Schools are gathering data on kids, and as student databases grow, so does the ability of technology to predict how or what a kid might do next.

ClassDojo learns a lesson in protecting student data

Under pressure, the classroom app tracking student behavior cuts data storage time

Using data to head off high school dropouts

'Early Warning Systems' are changing how schools identify – and help – high-risk students.

@College Let me in! #prettyplease

College admissions officers keep a close eye on social media.

How small financial setbacks can derail college plans

Many low-income students don't have the luxury of making even minor mistakes.

Do you know what your college is doing with your data?

Schools collect loads of student data, but it's not always clear where it goes.

A day in the life of a data mined kid

Millions of pieces of data are being collected on students everyday. How safe is it?

Why Microsoft wants 'Minecraft'

The price tag for Mojang sits at $2 billion.

Picturing the first day of school

It's photo-op city as kids head back to school and parents tweet about it