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A day in the life of a data mined kid

Millions of pieces of data are being collected on students everyday. How safe is it?

Why Microsoft wants 'Minecraft'

The price tag for Mojang sits at $2 billion.

Picturing the first day of school

It's photo-op city as kids head back to school and parents tweet about it

The business of preventing sexual assault on campus

Consultants and app developers are lining up to help schools - and cash in.

Harvard hangs up its landlines

The push is on to pull the plug on yesterday's phones.

Crowdfunding the path to college

More students are banking on the generosity of strangers to foot their bills.

Building a school with a future

How to design a school that will still be functional in 30 years.

Professors struggle to adapt as students forego books

Expensive text books are being purchased less, to the detriment of learning.

School staffing up nearly 400%, but not with teachers

Hiring teacher's aides played a big part in this increase. We look at the 'why'.

Keeping student data safe from the marketing machine

More states are passing laws to protect the privacy of all sorts of student data.