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Midwestern college dilemma: fewer local kids to tap

Demographic shifts mean there are fewer high school grads available for colleges.

Students experiment in zero-gravity

We talk to an engineering student looking to examine manufacturing in space

Payback time for student-loan scams?

The Illinois Attorney General claims debt-settlement companies fleeced students

One and done: First-year students who bail on college

A new study reports an increase in first-year students not returning to school.

Just how bad was it to graduate into the recession?

A new report says the Class of 2008 got out of school in the nick of time

Cracking the tech-camp code

What kids are doing instead of canoeing and arts and crafts.

Putting online testing to the test

Schools are preparing for standardized tests on computers. Not everyone is ready

Keeping paperwork from blocking the road to college

How technology can help students handle what comes after the acceptance letter

Is summer camp for coding or canoeing?

It is summer-camp season, and a lot of kids are trading campfires for computers.

What education was like in 1776

Six facts about education (or the lack thereof) in early America.