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Quiz: Hiding that standardized test behind a cute acronym

Getting grilled sounds better with a name like PAWS

Quiz: The art of the academic turnaround

Low-performing schools weigh in on how they try to improve.

Quiz: Who hits the books hardest?

American students spend six hours a week, on average, doing homework.

Quiz: Studying social networks

The most discussed academic paper on the web in 2014 involved manipulating social media users.

Quiz: Analyzing after-school activities

More children participate in sports than clubs or music lessons.

Quiz: The most popular computer in school

There’s a new top-seller in the U.S. edtech market.

Quiz: TMI? No such thing

A majority of Americans say the Internet and cellphones improved their learning abilities, but is it too much information?

Quiz: Hail to the Geek in Chief

President Obama wrote some computer code during an Hour of Code event in Washington.

Quiz: How presidents at private colleges are paid

The median pay for a president at a private college was $392,000 in 2012.

Quiz: Charter school city

More than 2.7 million students attend charter schools in 42 states.