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Quiz: New majority in public-school classrooms

More than half of children in public schools come from low-income families.

Quiz: Not as ready as they think they are

Employers say recent college grads overestimate how prepared they are for jobs, according to a survey.

Quiz: Extracurricular coding

Computer programming contests have become so popular on college campuses that an international organization formed to host events.

Quiz: Schools where the underprivileged are few

After being publicly ridiculed, this college says it will double its share of low-income undergrads.

Quiz: National champs on the field and in the classroom?

Ohio State won first college football playoff, but its graduation rate lags behind its other sports programs.

Quiz: Who needs original ideas?

President Obama made a splash with a proposal for free community college. But he isn’t the first.

Quiz: Passing on a pledge of allegiance

President Obama endorsed student data-privacy pledge and proposed data protections during a speech at the Federal Trade Commission.

Quiz: Grading America's quality of education

Education Week gave Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wyoming the highest scores in the newspaper’s state-by-state rankings.

Quiz: What matters most in online education?

U.S. News & World Report releases rankings for more than 1,200 online programs.

Quiz: How to turn kids into bookworms

Kids who read for pleasure are more likely to have parents who do the same.