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The teaching profession gets a makeover

Amy Scott | Sep 11, 2014
Elevating prestige is part of a larger effort to keep teachers in the classroom.

Anxieties of flying have waned... for the most part

Stan Alcorn | Sep 11, 2014
Airlines used to struggle with a public fear of flying around September 11.

You'll be amazed at how big Kroger is

Sarah Gardner | Sep 11, 2014
Kroger, known for groceries, is one of the biggest retail chains in the world.

Quiz: Leaving teaching for an easier job

Dan Abendschein | Sep 11, 2014
Teachers compare their workloads at new jobs to their old teaching jobs.
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Overdraft charges and fees aren't as profitable as they used to be

Conrad Wilson | Sep 10, 2014
The banking industry is taking in fewer profits from fees, but that doesn't mean they're going anywhere.

How to grow lettuce and fish indoors, all year long

Chris Julin | Sep 10, 2014
Outside Duluth, Minnesota, a greenhouse grows tilapia and lettuce side by side.
Affordable Care Act

How the ACA has affected employer-based coverage

Dan Gorenstein | Sep 10, 2014
Nearly the same number of employers are offering coverage; nearly the same number of workers are enrolling.
iPhone 6

Want the new iPhone 6? How about a new carrier too?

Tracey Samuelson | Sep 10, 2014
Many carriers are offering new plans to lure customers who want the newest iPhone.
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Leaked photos = a quarter-billion page views for Reddit

David Gura | Sep 10, 2014
Last week's leak led to enough page views to power Reddit for almost a month.
Iraqi militia fighter

What a $6 billion anti-terrorist campaign amounts to

Scott Tong | Sep 10, 2014
In the larger scheme, a $6 billion investment against ISIS is war on the cheap