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Central Valley farms come at a cost for dry California

Sarah Gardner | Feb 18, 2015
Agriculture uses 80 percent of the water in California

The Cost of Generosity

Sabri Ben-Achour | Feb 18, 2015
Organ donation saves lives and money. Unless you’re the organ donor.

The FCC wants to move the U.S. to 5G. Here's what that means.

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 18, 2015
The Federal Communications Commission just wrapped up a public comment period on 5G
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The logistical mind behind "Boyhood's" 12-year shoot

Kai Ryssdal, Tommy Andres and Jenny Ament | Feb 18, 2015
Meet Vince Palmo, the unsung hero of the Oscar-nominated film.
Janet Yellen attends up to 11 meetings a day.

The hardest-working woman in monetary policy

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 18, 2015
If you didn't think Janet Yellen does anything with her time, well, now you know.
Despite tales of a resurgent U.S. economy, industrial production and housing starts number still paint a picture of a struggling economy.

Searching for the economy's new normal

Adam Allington | Feb 18, 2015
PPI, industrial production and housing starts numbers for January are okay, and they paint a picture of a still-struggling economy.
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A college in Texas is revamping itself as a place where student can work their way through four years and reduce their tuition.

Colleges Put Students To Work

Tim Fitzsimons | Feb 18, 2015
A Texas College that is revamping itself to be staffed by students.

Quiz: Teens get fewer zzzzzs

Dan Hill | Feb 18, 2015
Teens have been losing sleep for two decades.
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Exiting U.S. Attorney General's last act

Mitchell Hartman | Feb 18, 2015
Eric Holder is acting lawman one final time.

PODCAST: A good time to be in the air freight industry

David Brancaccio | Feb 18, 2015
Attorney General Eric Holder's last act, a good time for air freight industry, and fair trade heads to retailers.