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Quiz: What kids these days are reading

Dan Hill | Nov 20, 2014
School-aged girls read more words, less nonfiction compared to boys
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PODCAST: Pirates off the coast of West Africa

David Brancaccio | Nov 20, 2014
Inflation misleads, a new Senate report, and pirates off the coast of West Africa
A woman bundles up against the cold. Cold temperatures are already striking hard in the midwest and northeast parts of the country.

Falling oil won't mean huge savings on home heating

Adam Allington | Nov 20, 2014
Winter has got an early grip on the country.

With low gas prices, Thanksgiving travel hits the road

David Weinberg | Nov 20, 2014
Low cost of gas + high airline tickets = more people driving.

Predicting Apple's next big move

Tony Wagner and Tobin Low | Nov 20, 2014
The stories we're reading - and numbers we're watching - Thursday.

Designers gave us the Doublemint twins – and much more

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 19, 2014
Husband-and-wife team of Dorothy and Otis Shepard left a lasting mark on 20th-century design.

ClassDojo learns a lesson in protecting student data

Adriene Hill and Kelsey Fowler | Nov 19, 2014
Under pressure, the classroom app tracking student behavior cuts data storage time
 Senator Jack Reed speaks to the press. The senator introduced legislation that would provide more oversight of the New York Fed.

Why the New York Fed is in the hot seat

Stan Alcorn | Nov 19, 2014
Legislators call for more oversight after recordings appear to show N.Y. fed cozying up to institutions it is supposed to regulate.
According to Bloomberg, you probably haven't eaten these in a while.

You know what's not selling like hotcakes? Hotcakes

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 19, 2014
Someone make Jack Johnson write another song, quick!

Drug windfall raises questions for foundations

Nova Safo | Nov 19, 2014
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is set to reap more than $3 billion.