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Data encryption under increased scrutiny after Paris attacks

Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood | Nov 17, 2015
Tech companies use encryption as a privacy measure, but so do terrorist groups
Police officers patrol along a new border fence at the Hungarian-Croatian border near Zakany on October 17, 2015. Croatia announced that it would divert migrants to Slovenia after Hungary said it would close the border with its fellow EU member.

Paris attacks renew scrutiny of Europe's open borders

Kimberly Adams | Nov 17, 2015
Many are calling for an end to the free flow of people and goods in Europe.
Students walk across the campus of UCLA on April 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. New data shows a decline in students meeting the mark for 6 year college completion rate.

College completion rates fall again

Amy Scott | Nov 17, 2015
After college enrollment swelled during the recession, graduation rates dropped.
This year, Hallmark will be marketing its signature Keepsake Ornament with digital advertisement only, opting for filters on Snapchat instead of television spots.

Hallmark ads get edgier and more digital

Mark Garrison | Nov 17, 2015
The maker of Keepsake ornaments is trying a new strategy to reach harried moms.
Newly proposed regulations state drones must remain in the controllers visual line of sight during operations.

You won't need help registering your drone, the FAA says

Tony Wagner | Nov 17, 2015
As we get closer to clear rules, the agency warns of paying up too soon.
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An old apartment building in disrepair is to be demolished in Portland, Oregon to make way for market-rent development. Affordable housing activists held a small protest against the demolition, which went forward.

Inflation is tame — unless you're a renter

Mitchell Hartman | Nov 17, 2015
Rents are up 3.7 percent nationwide, and by double digits in some urban markets.
Trump's SNL appearance has prompted three politicians to ask NBC for air time.

Politicians still use snail mail

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 17, 2015
Three politicians have sent actual letters to NBC asking for air time.

French businesses reopen after attacks

Marketplace staff | Nov 17, 2015
Businesses are slowly but surely reopening.
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The possible impact on tourism in Paris

Mark Garrison | Nov 17, 2015
How will the attacks in Paris affect tourism?
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A challenge at the FDA: Getting new generics to market

Dan Gorenstein | Nov 17, 2015
Right now, it takes a long time to bring a generic drug to market — 48 months.
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