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The numbers for September 15, 2014

Tony Wagner | Sep 15, 2014
GM, student data, and beer: Here's what we're keeping an eye on Monday.

Do you tip hotel housekeepers?

Tracey Samuelson | Sep 15, 2014
Marriott wants to encourage guests to leave a tip for maids.

Navigating a data driven education

Adriene Hill | Sep 15, 2014
Educators believe more data will improve learning. But student privacy could suffer.

PODCAST: Tip your hotel workers

David Brancaccio | Sep 15, 2014
A preview to the Fed's meeting, tipping hotel workers, and the return of vinyl.

Vinyl record sales have jumped to 6 million

Nova Safo | Sep 15, 2014
Vinyl sales are experiencing a boom among a younger audience.

On pins and needles for the next words from the Fed

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Sep 15, 2014
Fed watchers are obsessed with two words right now: “considerable time.”

HBO 'seriously considering' selling online access

Stan Alcorn | Sep 15, 2014
Can the company risk alienating the cable TV companies who make it so profitable?

What if the Fed just gave households money to help

David Brancaccio | Sep 12, 2014
It's like cash from a helicopter, but some don't think it'll work.
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You love my job: JPL's Bobak Ferdowsi

Raghu Manavalan | Sep 12, 2014
NASA's mohawk guy sounds like he has a dream job, but his days in the office are a lot like the terrestrial jobs on earth.
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Co-working at

That extra chair in your home office? Rent it out

Sally Herships | Sep 12, 2014
A startup does for home offices what Airbnb does for spare couches.