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Tim Cook at an Apple special event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, Calif.

Is the dollar's strength a drag on tech earnings?

Sabri Ben-Achour | Jan 27, 2015
Investors are looking for signs the strengthening U.S. dollar is hurting profits.
Snow delay: A man who's been waiting for over two hours for a city bus covers his face during heavy snow on Jan. 26, 2015 , in New York City.

Uber's blizzard surge pricing: 'Snow' laughing matter

Tobin Low and Tony Wagner | Jan 27, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Tuesday.
Digital screen displays China's stock market prices.

Shanghai's mayor shifts focus away from GDP

Rob Schmitz | Jan 26, 2015
For decades, GDP growth has been an "obsession" for China's government. No more.
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A city worker grooms a pile of road salt in Chicago.

Cost of melting icy roads ... is heating up

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 26, 2015
In New York, the price is up 27 percent from last year.
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A bitcoin medal is displayed at a bitcoin trading club meeting in Tokyo.

Bitcoin gets its first major U.S. exchange

Mitchell Hartman | Jan 26, 2015
Bitcoin is extremely volatile, but the new exchange could level things out.
Joe Clayton president and CEO of Dish, on Jan. 5 in Las Vegas.

Dish Network's Sling: A shot aimed at cable

Nova Safo | Jan 26, 2015
Dish goes after the cord cutters with Sling, a streaming service for $20 a month.
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Travelers at Logan International Airport on Jan. 26 in Boston attempt to get out ahead of the massive storm due to hit the Northeast.

You're grounded: How airlines make those tough calls

Tracey Samuelson | Jan 26, 2015
The decision to cancel flights in the face of a storm is complicated.
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Voting booth is prepared in Athens for Greek elections that were held over the weekend.

Greek's new government promises winds of change

Stephen Beard | Jan 26, 2015
Leftist party wants to abolish austerity measures. Will other EU nations follow?
Sylvia Mathews Burwelll, Secretary of Health and Human Services, speaks before the Senate Appropriations Committee in November.

Big changes for Medicare

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 26, 2015
Program to move from fee-based to a quality-based payment system.
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A photo taken at some point during World War II.

Long-lost WWII photographs are found

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 26, 2015
Levi Bettwieser's Rescued Film Project recovers untold history one photo at a time