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Here's why the durable goods number is soaring

Sabri Ben-Achour | Aug 26, 2014
Today's great durable goods number doesn't necessarily mean that all is well.

Families search for affordable water in Detroit

Kate Wells | Aug 26, 2014
We talked with Detroiters as they looked for relief at a water affordability fair.

Quiz: When your credits don’t transfer with you

Dan Abendschein | Aug 26, 2014
For some students, switching schools can mean a big set back.
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Weathering the Ebola epidemic in Liberia

David Gura | Aug 26, 2014
It's not just Ebola that's hurting people in West Point, Monrovia.
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Amazon buys Twitch for $970 million

David Gura | Aug 26, 2014
The hot start-up boasts huge viewership and Amazon is paying big bucks for it.

Why Americans are less satisfied with their cars

Kate Davidson | Aug 26, 2014
Though car sales are up, people's satisfaction with their cars is at a low.

PODCAST: Sharing is caring, but not insured

David Brancaccio | Aug 26, 2014
Burger King takes over, Pfizer's inversion, and insuring the "sharing economy."
Hurricane Katrina

A lack of hurricanes is not all good for insurers

Scott Tong | Aug 26, 2014
Without the occasional natural disaster, insurance companies must compete on price.

Volcanic rumblings stir economic concerns

Stephen Beard | Aug 26, 2014
Activity at Iceland's Bardabunga volcano raises fear of flight restrictions.
AstraZeneca- Pfizer

U.S. corporations park billions overseas

Mitchell Hartman | Aug 26, 2014
Pfizer, Merck, Microsoft, Apple and others store money overseas for tax advantage.