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Maine law requires electronics recycling

Sam Eaton | Jan 20, 2006
A new law in Maine requires manufacturers to pick up the cost of recycling old TVs and computer monitors. Sam Eaton looks at whether other states are considering similar laws, and how the TV and computer industries are reacting to the trend.

Tequila deal

Brian Watt | Jan 20, 2006
The US and Mexico have reached a deal that will have tequila fans in the US reaching for the salt and lime. Brian Watt has more.
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The Job Files: Park Keeper

| Jan 20, 2006
Today's installment of the job files looks at Ken Mitchell, who maintains the skating rinks for Minneapolis' city parks.

Oil prices in an insecure world

Stephen Beard | Jan 20, 2006
The price of oil hit more than $67 a barrel in overseas trading today -- its highest level in four months. After some handwringing about Iran and fretting about Nigeria, the market got downright freaked by Osama bin Laden on Thursday. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Registered Traveler program

Alisa Roth | Jan 20, 2006
Who wouldn't want to skip those horrible airport security lines? But what if you had to give fingerprints, and a copy of your credit history, and property records to do it? As Alisa Roth tells us, that's just what the government is expected to offer when it unveils the new Registered Traveler program today.

The bill

Nate DiMeo | Jan 20, 2006
I've found myself completely fascinated by the receipts you get after you pay for dinner here....
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Navigating China's business ethics

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 19, 2006
400 of the top Fortune 500 firms have operations in China. How are American firms navigating the financial culture? And how do they deal with China's reputation for graft and lawlessness? Ted Fishman is the author of "China Inc." He joins Kai for a conversation about business ethics in China.

In defense of piracy

| Jan 19, 2006
Counterfeit DVDs hit the streets just as the real thing hits movie theaters in the United States. The US government is putting pressure on the Chinese government to crack down on piracy. Chinese filmmaker Hao Wu says preventing piracy will change the Chinese landscape.

Expats in Shanghai

Nate DiMeo | Jan 19, 2006
More and more Westerners have made China their home, and they're changing the way cities like Shanghai do business. Nate DiMeo gives us a tour of the expat community in Shanghai.

Sea turtles

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 19, 2006
They're called "sea turtles" -- the growing number of Chinese-born entrepreneurs who have come back to China after years of living overseas. They're setting up businesses... and learning that it's a whole new world.