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Ethanol comes of age

| Apr 4, 2006
The corn-based alternative fuel is increasingly moving from the purview of farm cooperatives to the focus of IPOs and shareholders. Curt Nickisch looks at ethanola€™s economic rite of passage.

Wine find

Janet Babin | Apr 4, 2006
Constellation Brands, the world's largest winery, has added more spirits to its roster with the acquisition of Vincor International. Janet Babin reports.

Can Big Business save the planet?

Alex Cohen | Apr 4, 2006
A Senate committee today considers ways to keep gas-guzzling from destroying the environment. Some of the most ambitious plans come from an unlikely source: Big business. Alex Cohen reports.

Pay attention! T-note yield is near 2-year high

Amy Scott | Apr 4, 2006
Talk about the yield on the 10-year Treasury note may go in one ear and out the other, but it's important, especially if you own a home. The yield tells us about long-term interest rates. And it's around a two-year high. Amy Scott reports.
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Time to start selling more cars

| Apr 3, 2006
General Motors has announced an agreement to sell a 51% stake in its finance arm, GMAC, to a group of private investors. Cheryl Glaser looks at what this means for the struggling automaker.

Is California dreamin' on greenhouse-gas rules?

John Dimsdale | Apr 3, 2006
Some California lawmakers introduced a bill today to limit greenhouse gases. They want to cut pollution that contributes to global warming 25% by 2020. But business groups say the legislators are barking up the wrong tree. John Dimsdale reports.

Studios unveil new movie download service

Amy Scott | Apr 3, 2006
The cowboy romance "Brokeback Mountain" will break another Hollywood taboo tomorrow when movie studios make it available for download to your computer — the same day it's available on DVD. But the service may be slow to catch on. Amy Scott reports.

Now you can get your tuner ready made

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 3, 2006
Toyota, Mazda and Honda have all taken note of the trend toward young drivers customizing Japanese imports. So, they're creating their own versions. L.A. Times auto critic Dan Neil stopped by with the latest example a couple of days ago.

Saddam's a model defendant for suit company

| Apr 3, 2006
In between his outbursts and empty threats while on trial for mass murder, Saddam Hussein is cutting a rather fashionable figure. Rhoda Metcalfe reports from Istanbul, Turkey, that one clothing company is watching closely.
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Student loan costs go up and lenders profit

| Apr 3, 2006
Congress has cut the federal student loan program by $2.5 billion a year. And interest rates on those loans are going up. The government's trying to save money. But writer and commentator Kim Clark says the financial pain isn't being shared.