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Spam, Stock and Mix — A Recipe for Disaster

| Oct 15, 2005
Is your inbox flooded with spam emails saying buy! Buy! Buy!? Joshua Cyr "bought" to see if he could turn a profit. He shares his spreadsheet with Kai.
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Reforming the Tax Code

| Oct 15, 2005
Finding an alternative to the Alternative Minimum Tax? Lowering the mortgage interest deduction? Implementing a value added tax? All these ideas were floated by President Bush's tax panel. Joining Kai to discuss what might rise to the surface is Clint Stretch from Deloitte and Touche.
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Trash or Treasure

| Oct 15, 2005
Underneath that rubbish — are their riches? Alex Cohen finds out the do's and don'ts of dumpster diving.

Genes in the Workplace

Bob Moon | Oct 14, 2005
Genetic testing could lead to better health care. But the fear is that it could also lead to discrimination and inability to get health coverage. This week, IBM announced that it would not use genetic information when making hiring or benefits decisions. What does IBM's move mean for the future of genetic privacy? Marketplace's Bob Moon reports.
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In an Investment Club with Personality?

| Oct 14, 2005
Ever get together with friends, have a glass of wine and beat the pants off the S&P 500? If you're an active member of an investment club and you're not shy, then you and your club members might be perfect for a new segment on <em>Marketplace Money</em>.
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Inflation: the dreaded word

Hilary Wicai | Oct 14, 2005
In September, consumer prices saw their biggest jump in 25 years. Energy prices are up 12 percent &#8212; the sharpest rise since the feds started keeping records back in '57. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Refco unwinds

Amy Scott | Oct 14, 2005
Just days after its CEO was charged with fraud, futures brokerage Refco said this morning it will be unwinding its clients holdings. That's Wall Street talk for practically going out of business. Amy Scott reports.
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Bird flu: Migrating our way?

Helen Palmer | Oct 14, 2005
Bird flu is in Asia and parts of Europe. Can North America be far behind? From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer checks in with America's poultry producers.
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Canada gets tough

| Oct 14, 2005
Canadians: Nice people. Polite to us south of their border. But now they're getting a little peeved about something called soft lumber. From Toronto, Steve McNally reports.
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New Orleans diaspora: Baton Rouge

| Oct 14, 2005
On August 27, Baton Rouge had a population of about 415,000. 48 hours later that number had doubled. Now the state capital is suffering the effects of what could become a permanent migration. Karen Henderson explains.