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The Best of "Educating Rico": Lost in Translation

| Dec 30, 2005
Associate Producer Rico Gagliano has spent the last year or so getting educated about finance. This being the end of the year, it seems fitting to look back at how our protagonist has progressed. Here's the installment where Rico learns and masters the language of the stock market.

Working the holiday party

| Dec 30, 2005
It's time to ready the champagne and noisemakers for end-of-year bashes. Producer Trey Kay catches up with the hardy few who attend these parties for work, not fun.

Cooperstown benefits

Scott Jagow | Dec 30, 2005 editor Michael Knisley reviews the financial implications of joining Baseball's Hall of Fame with host Scott Jagow.
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Champagne talk

Lisa Napoli | Dec 30, 2005
It's that time of year for the bubbly stuff. Wine expert Randy Clement discusses the difference between a $5 bottle and $500 bottle of champagne with host Lisa Napoli.

Ma Bell's makeover

| Dec 30, 2005
The venerable AT&T brand undergoes rebirth of sorts this weekend when SBC unveils a $1 billion ad campaign to hype its new adopted name. Cheryl Glaser has more.

New Medicare plan takes effect

Helen Palmer | Dec 30, 2005
The government's new Medicare drug program goes into effect this weekend, but as Helen Palmer reports, less than 9% of one of its main target demographics has signed on.
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Israelis embrace New Year's Eve

| Dec 30, 2005
New Year's in Israel is traditionally celebrated in September, during the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, but as Hilary Krieger reports, celebrating the advent of January 1st is a growing business in the Jewish State.

The bubbly index

Brian Watt | Dec 30, 2005
Brian Watt reports that some view revenues from champagne sales as a barometer for the health of the economy.

Mexico's minimum wage

Dan Grech | Dec 30, 2005
Mexico raises its minimum wage this weekend to $4.50 a day. But will that do anything to slow immigration to the United States? Dan Grech reports.
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New Bank of Italy head

| Dec 30, 2005
Goldman Sachs VP Mario Braghi has been named the new director of the scandal-plagued Bank of Italy. Megan Williams reports on how European financial markets greeted the news.
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