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A public exchange

Bob Moon | Dec 6, 2005
The members of the New York Stock Exchange took a big step into the digital age today, approving a merger with the electronic trading firm Archipelago. New York bureau chief Bob Moon reports.
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Mo bettah sprawl?

Sarah Gardner | Dec 6, 2005
California-based homebuilder KB Homes announced today that it's partnering with the engineering firm Shaw Group to build homes on undeveloped land near New Orleans. Sarah Gardner reports.

Upward, and northward, mobility

Hilary Wicai | Dec 6, 2005
An estimated 6.3 million undocumented immigrants work in the US. Just about everyone agrees something should be done about the issue. Hillary Wicai reports that a survey out today may shed new light on the policy debate.

Political advertising?

John Dimsdale | Dec 6, 2005
Ford has announced it will no longer advertise its luxury brands in gay publications. A spokesman insists it's a business decision, but some believe Ford is caving in to pressure from conservative Christian groups. John Dimsdale reports.

Bird flu budgeting

| Dec 6, 2005
The HHS Secretary says local governments aren't ready for a bird flu outbreak. The president plans to spend $7 billion to fight the disease. But some state officals say it's just not enough. From WBHM in Birmingham, Tanya Ott reports.

It's the economy, stupid

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 6, 2005
Hey, there's more to economics than productivity and GDP growth. Tim Harford is the author of "The Undercover Economist," and he talked to Kai Ryssdal about why we should care about the profession.
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The Conch Whisperer

Judith Ritter | Dec 6, 2005
Overfishing has devastated much of the world's fishing hatcheries. Fish farming is one solution, though not all sea critters are amenable to that; Conch was considered a long shot. But Judith Ritter reports from the Turks and Caicos islands on one man who liked the odds.

The Yin and the Yang of It

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 6, 2005
It's an intimidating task, being the lone Marketplace correspondent in the world's fastest growing major economy, and its most populous nation....
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Liberty bonds

Amy Scott | Dec 6, 2005
Congress is considering modeling Gulf Coast reconstruction partly on Lower Manhattan's post-9/11 redevelopment efforts. Amy Scott looks at how successful the Liberty Bond program has been in redeveloping New York's downtown.

Workplace flexibility

| Dec 6, 2005
Conventional wisdom holds job flexibility is largely an issue for working mothers, but commentator Matt Miller argues that guys like it too.