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India's auto market

Miranda Kennedy | Dec 8, 2005
Auto industry executives are in India to discuss the Asian nation's potential as both a major consumer market and manufacturing hub. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Santa Hugo

Dan Grech | Dec 8, 2005
Venezuela has announced plans to offer low-cost heating oil to Bronx residents on the heels of a similar offer to residents in Massachusetts. Will American oil companies follow suit? Dan Grech reports.

The wrath of Canadian grapes

Brian Watt | Dec 8, 2005
Canadian wine-maker Vincor International Inc. has rebuffed hostile takeover efforts by Constellation Brands Inc., the world's largest wine producer. Brian Watt looks at what's next.

US-Peru free trade agreement

Dan Grech | Dec 8, 2005
The US cut a trade deal yesterday with Peru, and US trade officials were thrilled. Why all the triumphalism, when Peru takes in less than 1% of US shipments? From the Marketplace Americas Desk at WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech explains why.

Gold prices ascendant

Stephen Beard | Dec 8, 2005
Gold prices hit a 25-year high today. From London, Stephen Beard explains what some people think is movitivating this frenzy for the shiny yellow rock.
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Working Out in Shanghai

Julie Small | Dec 8, 2005
The closer this project gets to deadline the more I have to work out, preferably every day to relieve the stress. So I joined my ambitious...
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Ground truth and consequences

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 7, 2005
The president spoke today about the economy in Iraq and progress in cities like Mosul and Najaf. Borzou Daragahi, reporting from Baghdad for the LA Times, says there's a reason the president chose those two cities.

Running on empty?

John Dimsdale | Dec 7, 2005
On Capitol Hill today, a House Energy subcommittee considered the future of oil supplies. Is there enough? As John Dimsdale reports... depends on whom you ask.

You've got sales

Janet Babin | Dec 7, 2005
Just a year ago, not many people were interested in partnering with America Online. AOL was a dud. So why is there a feeding frenzy surrounding it now? One word: Ads. Janet Babin reports on a high-tech storm a-brewing.

Numbers that confuse us

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 7, 2005
Today the Mortgage Bankers Association reported home refinancings are up. At the same time, though, so are mortgage interest rates. This puzzled us, so Kai talked to Nick Retsinas at Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies.