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New(ish) bargains from Ford

| Oct 5, 2005
Hoping to boost sagging auto sales, Ford Motor Co. announced Tuesday it was scrapping employee pricing for rebate incentives. But wait, didna€™t they scrap rebates for employee pricing? Cheryl Glaser looks at the discount-go-round.

Paper cuts

| Oct 5, 2005
Two paper-product manufacturers announced hefty job cuts Tuesday, blaming rising energy costs. Wisconsin Public Radio's Patty Murray reports.

Provide incentives, then what?

Scott Tong | Oct 5, 2005
The House of Representatives is close to passing a bill that would encourage building of oil refineries. But as Scott Tong reports, refiners may not be interested.

Assisted suicide: from Oregon to the Supreme Court

Helen Palmer | Oct 5, 2005
Oregon's assisted suicide law is coming before the Supreme Court this session. Helen Palmer looks at who in Oregon has been asking for the procedure and who has been providing it.
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Dropping the puck

Tess Vigeland | Oct 5, 2005
Professional hockey resumes play today after missing a year on the ice because of a labor dispute. Tess Vigeland looks at the economics of the newly retooled NHL.

Out of this world noodles

Jocelyn Ford | Oct 5, 2005
The Japanese makers of Cup o' Noodles plan to take their product where no pasta has gone before. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Insuring the insurers

Stephen Beard | Oct 5, 2005
The estimated cost of Hurricane Katrina continues to rise. The British insurance firm Wellington says its losses will be much higher than it exected. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

<a href="">Did someone say "podcast"?</a>

| Oct 4, 2005
<a href="">Today Marketplace launches Marketplace Takeout, a free weekly podcast that collects some of the best stories from Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report and Marketplace Money. You can subscribe now.</a>

Bush confers with the press

John Dimsdale | Oct 4, 2005
Wide-ranging is one way to describe the President's press conference today. He talked about nominee Harriet Miers, steroids in baseball, and how to pay for Katrina reconstruction. John Dimsdale has more.

Casinos looking for better luck

Dan Grech | Oct 4, 2005
In Mississippi, Governor Haley Barbour said today he'll sign a bill that will let casinos rebuild. This time around, on solid ground. From the Mississippi coast, Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.