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A winning strategy for Valentine's Day

| Feb 13, 2006
What's the best way to show that special person that you care on Valentine's Day? Do you need to shock-and-awe your true love? Commentator Susan Lee says no; one classic gift always makes the grade.

Tying the knot in France

| Feb 13, 2006
Saying "I do" isn't at easy as it used to be in France. The country is trying to stamp out fraudulent marriages that some immigrants use to obtain citizenship. What's love got to do with it? John Laurenson has the story.

War profiteering trial starts

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 13, 2006
Tomorrow, the first Iraq war profiteering trial begins. US security firm Custer Battles is accused of defrauding the government while working in Iraq. Kai Ryssdal speaks to Charles Babcock of the Washington Post about the story.

Frequent-flyer pups

| Feb 13, 2006
Midwest Airlines is about to start allowing passengers to bring small pets with them into the cabin. The animals can even earn mileage rewards. As WUWM contributor Ann-Elise Henzl reports, the move is a shrewd one for the bottom line.

ABC, NBC, Al Michaels, and...

Scott Jagow | Feb 13, 2006
... a cartoon rabbit? Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan and Scott Jagow discuss the business implications of Disney and NBC's recent swap of sportscaster Al Michaels for a cartoon character.
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Corporate pension plan changes

Lisa Napoli | Feb 13, 2006
Business law expert Eric Talley reviews the recent shakeups in corporate pension plans with Lisa Napoli.

Flu season update

Helen Palmer | Feb 13, 2006
The Centers for Disease Control report flu rates this year are down, compared to last year. Does that mean fewer sick days for employees and more productive businesses? Helen Palmer takes a look.
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Be mine

| Feb 13, 2006
There's one day left before St. Valentine's Day, and this year, consumers are expected to spend more on their sweethearts than ever before. As Curt Nickisch reports, some non-traditional retail segments are looking to cash in.

New Fed appointee

Scott Tong | Feb 13, 2006
Kevin Warsh goes before a Senate confirmation panel this week as a candidate for the Federal Reserve Board. As Scott Tong reports, his nomination has raised some eyebrows among Fed watchers.
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Demolition drive in India

Miranda Kennedy | Feb 13, 2006
In an effort to clamp down on illegal construction, the Indian government has begun razing buildings erected contrary to zoning provisions. Those on the hit list include schools and even an upscale mall. Miranda Kennedy has more.