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Uncle Sam wants you

| May 2, 2006
Up to 40% of the federal workforce is expected to retire over the next 10 years, according to figures released Monday. As Cheryl Glaser reports, the government is going to have to change if it wants to attract and retain employees.
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Puerto Rico runs out of dolares

Dan Grech | May 2, 2006
The US Commonwealth shut down all non-essential government services, including schools, Monday after lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal. Dan Grech looks at what's next for the island territory.

Fisheries debate

Sam Eaton | May 2, 2006
Congress is considering an overhaul of the nation's fisheries management plans this week. And as Sam Eaton reports, the issue has divided many in the fishing industry.

French get tough on immigration

| May 2, 2006
Yesterday's US protests were about an immigration bill that would criminalize undocumented workers.In France, lawmakers are also debating whether to make life more difficult for illegal immigrants. Alisdair Sandford reports.
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Auto dealers bring back incentives

Dan Grech | May 2, 2006
You might think high gas prices would discourage people from buying new cars. But automakers today are expected to report a boost in sales for April. Dan Grech reports on how dealers are revving up demand.

Will the boycotts matter?

Alex Cohen and Tess Vigeland | May 1, 2006
Economic boycotts and street protests have been the order of the day in many cities — but will it matter? We check with our reporters in the field at protests around the country.

Bolivia takes back its gas

Scott Tong | May 1, 2006
Bolivia may be following Venezuela's lead on nationalization efforts — and in rebuffing American trade efforts. Scott Tong reports.

Progress in Iraq mixed

Hilary Wicai | May 1, 2006
A new report from finds that thousands of schools, hundreds of police stations and dozens of firehouses have been rebuilt in Iraq. That's the good news. But as is often the case in Iraq, there's some not-so-good news too. Hillary Wicai reports.
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The search engine wars

Bob Moon | May 1, 2006
Google is complaining about Microsoft's new Web browser and its default search tool, saying the business strategy is similar to how Microsoft dealt with its Media Player technology — and that ended up in court. Bob Moon reports.
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Alternative fuel not so new

Kai Ryssdal | May 1, 2006
With gas prices so high, host Kai Ryssdal talks to our Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic Dan Neil about green technologies. Where has the auto industry been? And where is it going?