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Under attack: Life in Israel

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 17, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Haifa resident David Rudge about daily life on the streets of Israel after six days of violence. Like how does he withdraw money from the ATM?
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Iraqi military food scandal

| Jul 17, 2006
Another food-related scandal has its grip on the Iraqi government. Lawmakers there are investigating contractors who provide food and other life support services, to the Iraqi military, as Ben Gilbert reports.
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Globalization is draining American wages

| Jul 17, 2006
Despite sky-high energy prices, rising interest rates and a bi-polar stock market, second-quarter numbers are coming in at all-time highs. So what's the secret? Commentator Kim Clark says it's deceptively simple.
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Cheating the (parking) system

| Jul 17, 2006
Texas may still have some wide, open spaces, but not for motorists in rapidly growing Austin. A shortage of parking spots has fueled an outbreak of illegally used handicapped permits. Michael May reports.

What's propelling the auto alliance proposal?

| Jul 17, 2006
Host Cheryl Glaser and Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan look at what's behind the push to partner GM with Nissan and Renault. It may not be what you think.
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Wisconsin-grown ginseng

| Jul 17, 2006
Wisconsin grows the world's most sought-after ginseng, but trademark piracy has made it harder to know if you're getting the real thing. Brian Bull reports on efforts underway in the state to reclaim the glory days of ginseng.

Small business adapts in Middle East

Hilary Krieger | Jul 17, 2006
The Israeli-Hezbollah warfare has taken a human and economic toll on both sides. Hilary Krieger reports on small business owners in Northern Israel, trying to stay afloat while trying to stay alive.
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Stem cell bill

Sarah Gardner | Jul 17, 2006
The Senate today begins debate on a bill that could open the door for more federal funding of stem cell research. But President Bush has vowed to stamp his first-ever veto on the legislation. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Hertz IPO

Janet Babin | Jul 17, 2006
The car-rental company bought out by private equity firms in December is expected to go public sometime this week. Janet Babin reports.

Drug store health clinics

Lisa Napoli | Jul 17, 2006
There's a new trend in health care delivery: Your neighborhood drug store could soon offer in-store clinics that might save you a trip to the doctor's office. Lisa Napoli reports.
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