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Wachovia heads west

Amy Scott | May 8, 2006
Wachovia is a huge East Coast bank that wants to get busy on the West Coast, so it's snatching up Golden West Financial for $25 billion. But there could be a problem. Amy Scott reports.
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Dell bets on Taiwan

Jocelyn Ford | May 8, 2006
The world's largest computer maker, Dell, said today it's going to boost its investment in Taiwan. This shouldn't come as a shock since virtually the entire world's PCs are made there. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Appraising an agent

Kai Ryssdal | May 5, 2006
Can you negotiate? Will they filter the listings? What's the timeline? Finding a dream agent is just as important as finding your dream home. Real estate expert Elizabeth Razzi gives Kai pointers on narrowing the search.

Oil puts Kazakhstan on Cheney's itinerary

| May 5, 2006
Vice President Cheney visits Kazakhstan today. One topic of discussion: Kazakhstan's vast oil and gas reserves. Cheryl Glaser has the story.
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Price of WTC memorial keeps rising

Amy Scott | May 5, 2006
The World Trade Center Memorial in Lower Manhattan may cost more than $1 billion, far more than previous estimates. Amy Scott reports.

Building your resume? Disney has an offer

Lisa Napoli | May 5, 2006
The "Happiest Place on Earth" is looking for 4,000 summer interns to do work ranging from answering phones to regular park duties. It's a sign college students need jobs with resume-building experience. Lisa Napoli reports.

Is Buffett really such a wizard?

| May 5, 2006
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett holds his annual shareholder meeting this weekend. Commentator and economist Austen Goolsbee says Buffett's reputation is overrated.
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The Week on Wall Street

| May 5, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal checks in with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about what went up, what went down and what may be ahead in the markets.
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Dead ships, toxic business

Miranda Kennedy | May 5, 2006
Breaking up decommissioned ships has become big business for a city on the northwest coast of India. But it also carries serious environmental and safety concerns. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Paying for help at dinnertime

| May 5, 2006
Intrepid reporter Cash Peters reports from the frontlines of the latest culinary trend &mdash; a restaurant with no tables or chairs, and where you have to cook your own food.<br><br><a href="">Cash Peters' website</a>