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Tort reform, aka cheeseburgers and guns

John Dimsdale | Oct 19, 2005
Today the House passed the "cheeseburger bill," limiting lawsuits against fast food. Up tomorrow: a bill to shield gunmakers from certain liabilities. John Dimsdale explains.
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Cash bonuses for Washington brides

| Oct 19, 2005
In the fine print of one huge spending bill this week the Senate will consider bonuses for low-income couples in Washington who get married. From the Work and Family desk, Hillary Wicai has the story.

Army Corps of Engineers projects in question

| Oct 19, 2005
Tomorrow, Congress is holding hearings on how to protect and rebuild the Gulf coast. For AmericanRadioworks and Marketplace, William Kistner reports there are real fears that mistakes of the past are set to be repeated.

Keeping up with the Joneses Inc.

| Oct 19, 2005
Companies work hard to generate profits: they invest and cut costs. And they hang around with the right crowd. Joel Podolny is the dean of the Yale School of Managment, explains to host Kai Ryssdal.

Making payments in the Gulf

| Oct 19, 2005
Mortgages, car payments, school loans: bills have been piling up along the Gulf. Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says it's going to take some creative accounting to get them paid anytime soon.
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Taking matters into their own hands

Stephen Beard | Oct 19, 2005
500,000 people were left homeless and vulnerable to the coming winter by last weekend's earthquake in Pakistan. Stephen Beard reports on relief efforts launched by well-meaning amateurs.
Posted In: Canada

Hospitalizing the arts

| Oct 19, 2005
Millions of Americans go without health insurance — self-employed artists are frequently among that number. One New York hospital has come up with a creative way to reach out to them. Jessica Mador has our story.

Another bigwig China visit

Jocelyn Ford | Oct 19, 2005
SEC head Christopher Cox is in China, where he has called on the nation's communist leaders to broaden "shareholder democracy." Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Domestic violence and the workplace

| Oct 19, 2005
Commentator Brooke McMurray examines the economic cost of domestic violence and argues companies need to do more to help victims.

Drilling in them thar hills?

Bob Moon | Oct 19, 2005
The Senate Energy Committee is expected to vote today on whether to open the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil drilling. Bob Moon reports.